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  1. Condolences and the best for what's to come...
  2. Forget getting through... the mods already tried like a week ago... and see!
  3. Now where the **** did you get that from? Edit: nevermind... I am no longer quoted now...
  4. You'll notice that when you meet bounty hunters with Go-to flying around (bounty is off!!!)
  5. Sorry but the mods are too busy banning innocent people and firing good mods and hunting people like me for complaining to actually have time for cleansing threads in the Kotor-topics... And now officially 100% of the "additional mod support" appointed along time before has left... wow... Anyone wanna make bet's for the current 3?
  6. Remember that while the characters don't need to eat... you HAVE too... We wouldn't wan't to loose fans now do we (pseudo-quote from long-faded away memory)
  7. Care to tell what the "strange thing was". Or was I supposed to get that out of your post?
  8. I certainly hope not. Didn't they learn of the DX:IW mess?
  9. That is if you get it for the PC. For X-box I would watch a while... since these bugs cannot be fixed (MS with their no patches by live rule etc.) what probably means all the bonus packs will get features like "less crashes... less quest-stopping glitches and no longer a 0 weight when you still carry 15 heavy harnasses...
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