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  1. Cut from a stickied post. Q. I am having slow performance on Dantooine and/or in the Jekk Jekk Tar A. Open SWKotor2.ini found in the map where you installed Kotor2. There find [Graphics Options] and add the line Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
  2. Theres apps that let you record what is being displayed at the time. How ever to do this means the higher the quality of the graphics are set the larger the space the recorded time will take up. Avg take up is like 100mb for 30sec. So use the lowest res and graphic settings you can to get what you want. One of the apps that does this is "Fraps", http://www.fraps.com/
  3. When your system just shutsdown is usaealy because of a power relaited issue. Either because there was a power spike from the source or there was over voltage used by the system componets that the power supply unit could handle. For the first part, make sure you have either a battery back-up (Uninterupted power supply), or surge protecter. For the second get a higher watt PSU.
  4. You'll have to find a mod then. Yes there is a mask with that name..but it does not look like what you want.
  5. How long has it been since you've done retine maintence on your system? Defrag. Clean temp files. Clear slack space (this is whats happening when Windows defrag says "compacting files") Clear orphened registry entires (Best to get a registry cleaner for this if you don't) Got enough voltage from the PSU for the new hardware? Whats the free hard drive space like? Disabled the unused Windows serivces (services.msc)? ^^^^^All that if not maintained can slow a system down as if it's running Malware.
  6. Well sertent global events, locations and cut scenes will cue up dialog options. Also bringing the NPCs with you will help out on the influence...Only Keira you don't need along for this.
  7. AGP can still be found with new cards. But it's getting rarer.
  8. Thus why I never installed the patch after finding out it made more new problems then it fixed and no one had problems with int he first place.
  9. If your ISP supplies you one free there should be links to it from their homepage.
  10. Better way. Get some online storage, most ISPs give you a free one. Put the files you wish linked there, then link from the forum post to that.
  11. Or just don't install the patch...leave the install retail.
  12. If your box is locking up, check it's temp...might just be over heating. To do anything I would suggest to get more life out of it..would require opening the case. Early build Xboxs had poor cooling measures. I've had to improve the cooling of a freinds box already.
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