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  1. i was playing K1 the other day and noticed that while you can explore the main level of the jedi temple on dantooine, you cannot get into the sublevels like you can in K2. i heard mentioned on lucas forums though that the sublevels were supposed to be in K1. is there a way to access this level, or at least see what it looked like before it was destroyed?
  2. most color crystals you just find. the silver crystal can always be found in my opinion, the qixote crystal is the best for darksiders, with the kyber crystal or the saphire. the ultipearl is pretty good to. i also prefer the bronze crystal to the veridian crystal, but that is because i am always darkside and the bronze looks red. p.s. did you all miss me? i'm back finally! i was in navy boot camp. (Hey guys, join the navy!)
  3. no, this scene is only triggered if you have more than 80 influence or less than 20 influence with bao-dur. if you have more than 80, you can usually train him to be a jedi after this scene.
  4. silver is my favorite, it matches my DSF perfectly. i prefer having two silver sabers. black would be pretty cool, if someone could figure out how to make one. as for blue and green, they are in the movies and are way overused, so IMO are not cool anymore. on a side note, i heard there was actually supposed to be a white lightsaber, but it was cut from the final game. anyone know about this?
  5. first time i did LSF. second time was DSF. third time was DSM. fourth time was LSM. tried to do light side again, but i just couldn't make it all the way. so i have been DSF ever since. besides, you get force crush as a darksider.
  6. i thought that too after i pulled a set of mandalorian combat armor out of one.
  7. ya, having two lightsabers is better than the double bladed saber cuz you can put in twice the number of crystals. I put my personal crystal and the Quixote crystal in one and the Kyber and either the saphire or the Ultimapearl in the second one.
  8. I prefer making Handmaiden a dark jedi. she looks pretty cool with her dark robe and two bronze sabers. she looks like a true dark jedi My DSF exile still beats her, though.
  9. from what i have heard about the kaibur crystal is that its power decreases as the gem gets farther from Mimban. And many jedi in the past have the power of force meld. the reason luke is so powerful is because he is a main character. if you notice, his power seems to decrease at certain plot-essential points to make him seem human. at other times he seems almost god-like. this is one of the reasons i no longer like the OT as much.
  10. my personal favorites are: 1) character crystal 2) Qixote crystal 3) Ankarres Sapphire 4) Kaiburr crystal 5) Hurrikaine as for the Solori crystal, it looks powerful, judging from the stats, but since i always play as DSF it is useless to me. Bronze and Silver are my favorite color crystals.
  11. what is the light side equivalent power anyways? i've only played light side twice, i forgot what you get.
  12. same hear. i always attacked and let one of the consulars or sentinals act as support for the other team members.
  13. i prefer power attack over flurry, especially when facing more than one enemy. flurry lowers your defense and leaves you open to damage. power attack does not. add force wave to that and you can easily stun your enemies and take them all out. but i agree on the battle meditation part.
  14. i meant both of you. but while i'm talking, thx, HH!
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