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  1. Revan is some kind of Julius Caesar or Napoleon. He goes out to war and creates an army loyal to *him*. After that he gets back and attacks the Republic. Even if he then returns to LS and fights for the Repulic, IMO he will always be tainted by his treason.
  2. You forgot the part from the HK-50's on the Telos Polar Cap (same as the one 1B-8D sells) The pacifist package is for sale with the Rodian Seller in the Nar Shaddaa Trade War Bonus Mission after stabalising 2 planets (being Dantooine and Onderon) for her as Telos seems to be broken (fix at Gizka, but I wonder IF it opens up more here)... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry to bother you guys further with this issue but I really want to make it work next time I play K2. Regarding Trade War mission, does that mean that I have to accept the mission the Duros trader gives me even if I'
  3. Trade Routes quest? I've already played the game several times but never came across that one. Do I have to finish Goto's ship first?
  4. Ok. Guess that answers the question. :"> All the time whether LS or DS I was wondering what I was missing.
  5. Question: Where do you get all that stuff? And where do you get the HK pacifist module?
  6. Last time I played Kotor2, I remember seeing a not yet learned empty space in the Force powers list. I got Visas' Force vision, Kreia's beast trick, Handmaiden's special and the enlightment of the light side or whatever that thing's name is that allows you to activate speed and two others at once. What am I missing?
  7. I agree. Vash was quite eager to exile the PC. I voted Zhar for the same reason somebody stated earlier.
  8. Too true. Yeah, leaving Atris behind to die at the hands of the Sith holocrons is a lame end for the love story that never was.
  9. Yep, Atton is romanceable or actually he considers the female PC romanceable. <_< I (male) tried playing as female PC once. Let's just say that now I know how women feel when guys try to use their cheesy and/or sleezy pick up lines on them. EDIT: The force thingy you can learn from Handmaiden rules.
  10. I guess not every company can be like Paradox Interactive, they produce buggy games but also 4+ patches for each of their games. The last LA game I bought before K1+2 was Star Wars Rebellion, several years ago, and now I remember why.
  11. AFAIK there's a "skip Peragus" mod out there somewhere.
  12. If you think I meant that complaining *now* that we already shelled out $50 for kotor2 would make them publish a new patch, then you're mistaken. I wasn't very clear but what I wanted to say is, it could convince them to sell a game more finished like kotor1 than the player = beta tester game that is kotor2.
  13. IIRC it's enough to beat Malak because the others disappear as soon as Malak is beaten. Or am I thinking of another scene?
  14. Quite a lot it seems. But I don't remember 2,3 and 10 on the ship. Guess I never enraged Handmaiden enough.
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