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  1. Once again, Win Mugen. Just dowloaded a screenpack, some lifebars and some new characters. I really need a 6-button gamepad for this program..all I can do is watch fights. It's really hard playing with a keyboard...lol.
  2. I had a dream that I was Sub-Zero and I kept going on roller coaster with Mr.Burns, but then he attacked me so I froze him and ripped out his spine. Then everything went dark so I froze a little bit of myself to emulate light, it was really odd. Then I went so some kids house and he left his Oblivion game on and he completed every single thing in the game. I was like WTF? Then I woke up. Maybe this is a sign I should stop playing Oblivion?
  3. Janus Nightrider for Male Exile Tarasha Everson for Female Exile (she didn't know her brother was actually Revan) I mostly use the F.Exile because F.Exile is canon after all.
  4. I just love how the game feels like LOTR in a way. You'll know what I mean when you played the Main Quest.
  5. There is a Win Mugen now!? Man, I remember the community going to hell about three years ago. So much thievery going on... a lot of great programmers decided to quit and the Mugen appeared to be finished. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just look up Win Mugen in google, dude. Win Mugen has been around for quite a while now. Speaking of Win Mugen, I just played a 2 on 2 match Evil Ken (me) and Evil Ryu versus Akuma and Evil Dan. That match got really crazy really fast lol.
  6. I noticed my HK-47 on the light side, I was like "ARRUUHH???". Went to check my influence on him using the KOTOR Save Game Editor and it said "80".
  7. I've got tons of mods for Oblivion. I've gotten the FF7 Blades mod which is the most interesting to me. I might get the White Gold Tower mod to shove the Fan off of there. Hehe. :D But you LOVE the Adoring Fan? How can anyone love that spawn of evil? When I get home tonight i'll show you my characters, I have about 3 of them. 2 of them are Imperials, another is a "Mystic Elf" character named him "Link' gave him abnormally huge hair and made a custom class for him which is called "Triforce" gives him Marksman, Blade, Block, Acrobatics, Althetics, Armorer. I'm seriously going to beg
  8. I usually go with Dantooine first, Nar Shaddaa, Dxun/Onderon, and Korriban.
  9. Some Win Mugen and some Oblivion as well. Oblivion is so much fun when you can kill Adoring Fan in so many ways possible. I used the Skull of Corruption on him and laughed as his Corrupted Clone beat him to death.
  10. Sorry for the necro posting but I just had to, no one else was talking bout Oblivion in any of the current topics. Has anyone killed the Adoring Fan like numerous times? I think I killed him like 5 times during my playing time! "Can I follow you in that pretty Oblivion gate, Grand Champion?" "No, now die you annoying elf! *ZAP!*" I hate how the Dark Brotherhood actually cares about me "murdering" the Adoring Fan. So I killed the guy and took his gold.
  11. A good Kriea is a dead Kriea. I hate that senile old woman.
  12. Chicks dig the nice guys, so Light Side it is! I hate being the Dark side, ruins my beautiful face.
  13. My Revan: http://www.crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/albums/u...8/KotOR0001.jpg Exile is coming soon, I reformatted by whole computer so I lost all my mods .
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