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  1. I saw the a poll for "Worst Character" and it inspired me to set up my own poll.
  2. Wow.. a lot of people voted GOTO. Including myself. Goto is one big pile of floating crap. Lets face it! There is only room for one floating orb on my ship, and thats Remote. Why you ask? Well, Goto, you have to understand that your voice not only puts me to sleep, but makes me crap my pants. Its such a hassel to crap your pants and not be able to do anything about it becuase your asleep. Remotes voice makes me giggle like a school girl. I used Goto on a mission, and he has no power over droids absolutly ever. Don't even bring up "But I can make security tunnelers!" cuz im not taking that crap
  3. In K2 when you awaken on Peragus and have to do all this crap just to get to your ship was boring as hell for me. All it did was introduce Atton and the utility droid... and the HK droids which are more of a nuessince than a challange, and Kreia that dreafull old woman. They should have introduced them in a much more exciting way. Peragus (in my opinion) didn't really help the plot either. The fuel shortage on Citidel Station should have been brought up in a better way than "Sion missed me and accidently blew up the planet, dodged a bullet there!" I wasted 1 whole hour walking around in my und
  4. I've beaten the game about twice... and i did it in the same order (of planets). Since i go to Nar Shadda last i would like to know what do i get or what happens when i get full influence w/ Goto and that one red head... and the HK droid... Do you ever fnd out where the HK plant is? Can you show the red-head girl the way of the force? I normally don't talk to people other than Visas, Atton (until he turns Jedi), and the hand maiden (until she goes jedi), but by that time i can't really get points in w/ the other people. Oh.. almost forgot... the utility droid... t-something. Doe
  5. K... rememeber in the sith traning academy how there is a room that can only be opened w/ a charge, but if you use the charge then it breaks the hololog inside? Well... can i skip korriban and come back later and open it w/ a light saber? (I go to korriban as my 1st planet). And for those who have managed to retrieve that hololog.... whats in it?
  6. maybe its just a bug in the game... sometimes atton will be talking to me and it will be coming out of the handmaindens body (happened once so far), and sometimes when I'm near a security door and i switch characters really fast someone manages to end up on the otehrside of the door.
  7. I myself use a long silver one on my right hand and a short blue one on my left hand. Traditionally thats how peopel woud arm themselves when swords where the weapon of choice... a long one to attack and a short one to defend... and i use it cuz i think it looks cool... and the silver one matches my silver armor (i don't know the name.. i think its like Jek Neshida... something like that)
  8. DUDE! I thought she was going to be easy at first... so i underestimatted her... i soon realized she was hitting 60's on me. She killed me... but the 2nd time around i wooped her so bad. The bosses were to easy, i only had to use Master Heal once. And why doesnt Kreia have that kind of power when she is in my party? She frikn killed 3 jedi masters w/o lifting a finger. wtf man! Why couldnt she have helped me frikn fight w/ the mercenaries who fight you after you rescue that one bald jedi? I bearly made it out alive.
  9. I'm confused here... so you are saying that you can effect Revans alignment somehow? Are we talking about K1 or K2? I'm thinking K2... maybe thats why I'm confused.
  10. If you are using jedi healing powers it heals everyone in your party who is near the person activating the power.
  11. Ok... i don't know if this is news (i just signe up on the forum as you can tell by my post #) but i found a way to avoid fighting that one huge storm beast... the one you fight with no escape cuz the walls went up. All you have to do is walk closly as possible on the right side almost litterally along the wall and you'll make it out w/o having to fight it. I don't know if this is also true if you walk along the left side.... but w/e. I would like some feedback... see if this works for you.
  12. wait wait... isnt carth an ademeral? Last time i spoke with him he told me to tell Revan that he was following orders (I'm on the LS). Maybe the story is different on the DS path.
  13. Ok... i don't know if this is right but its just its worth an explination. So my guess: green = force mastery/profiency blue = weapon handeling profiency red = power, recklessness... yellow = diplomat??? purple = black guy? jk... I honostly don't know what purple represents which totally blows away this "theory" on which people's preferences to saber color according to ability is... orange= same as purple maybe? Plo Koon uses a yellow (or orange) saber... thats so awsome! I love that guy. He was my first choice in Jedi Power Battles.
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