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    The Sith Academy: Dark Arts Classroom.
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    Kotor, kotor 2, republic commando, pretty much any SW games that involve violence and romance. I like Shakespeare, as well as other Authors.
  1. I'd choose Peragus over Taris anyday.
  2. i cant see why anyopne would want to use cheats, the game is easy even on the hardest level(s)
  3. yeh, but it blows up anyway remember? in uthars room. unless u are talkin bout another one in a different room
  4. same thing as the "Vulture Droids" in the episode 1-3 movies, they are droids, but dont funtion enough unless they have a skilled pilot i assume. also, i think that it might of been mandalorian schematics to build a ship as powerful as it, but then they must of died out or w/e and the CIS found them and yeh episode one comes into view :ph34r:
  5. WHATTTT? i didn't know you can get a BRONZE color, where do you happen to find that? i found all but that. too bad black with a shimmer of white in it wasnt made in the game that woulda been sick lol
  6. that was the most odd-no wait-idk wut word to use o well umm it was...."land of the lost" and "early star trek" universe graphics which didnt keep my interest but good storyline!! :cool:
  7. all the ds female characters (including the PC female) are more good looking when they are ds cause some of them look like their wearin black make up/eyeliner ect. and NO i am not atracted to them, i dont chew SPICE
  8. gross and crude or violent and gothic like....back to the topic tho-don't want the mod. to shut it down
  9. mira also states that she doesnt like older guys, even though half the characters to choose from in the beginning are younger looking than she is (only like 2-3 tops are old) maybe she just doesnt like you cause shes mandalorian or w/e :ph34r:
  10. bith is worst, their big eyes make me wanna....well poke them out of their sockets lol hope that aint morbid....
  11. vandar, reminds me of yoda, and remember "size matters not"
  12. mira and visas> yeh mira is a good sniper...and visas is good at force storm. what bout the droids? (G0-T0 is my fav., only cause he has a stealth unit and floats) i never used them in the same party
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