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  1. They said they wouldnt but if they did make space battle like a star wars space battle and be able to fix the whole ship.
  2. The empire hates neutrality and will kill anyone who likes it.
  3. B) Kotor1 and 2 are not being manufactured again most likely B
  4. its not really that bad of a game.
  5. I would like to see force lighting shoot out of your hands like the emperor not like force storm
  6. That is an old rumor It looks unbelievably cool because it is pre-rendered. It is NOT done in real time using a game engine. I think the vid is more a guide for what can and should be done in games as far as look and gameplay are concerned. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thats really cool cant wait to play that game.
  7. It took me about that long the first time because i was running around in circles
  8. I've never played jade empire but i have seen its fighting engine and it would not work for this game
  9. I'd agree, by the time the KOTOR games are set in Ossus is pretty much a graveyard after it was pummeled by Exar Kun. But there would be the ruins of the old academy and ancient jedi library there. It is basically like the Lightsided Korriban. I think it would be a good planet to visit. As for the concept of bigger planets, I personally get incredibly sick of a planet after too much time on it. I personally feel that Korriban was a suitable length for the context of the planet, it served its purpose and if it was any longer I feel it would have been pushing it. Storyline wise told us what happened to Lonna Vash, have us encounter Sion once more and have him put doubt in our character's mind about Kreia, which would similarly be reinforced by the vision of her in the cave. Nar Shadaa was borderline to the point of getting tedious, Dantooine was fine in my opinion, it could have been a bit longer. Onderon/Dxun were perfect in length for me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe you could find some helpful info there about the sith
  10. I rarely (almost never) used GOTO...another annoying little b***ard. I have more fun playing T3. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> K1 there was nothing bad K2 the ending was terrible and i hate the big droid thing
  11. I would like to see the planet of ossus it sounds like a cool planet
  12. those pictures are really cool! but who is that http://team-gizka.org/picture.php?img=btc_Wildstorm.jpg
  13. Morgan freeman is cool but his voice is to diffrent
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