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  1. Most of u prolly dont know. Cause u havent read the book or u just dont care. BUT I MUST KNOW! If anyone has any info on the plz just tell me wat u think.
  2. Xbox 260 had some abstract ads like that, but not THAT abstract. They had people dancing around and having fun in most of their ads. I liked the 1st one, made me wonder. The second one just plain freaked me out and it didnt have a damn thing to do with the PS3 IMO .
  3. K2 for me. The story was much darker and more philosophical which was not present in K1. It also has a much higher replayability factor for me personally. K1 had strong points too. Opening was great and closing was great. The planets were very diverse (Korriban rocked!), and the set items were convienient, but after about the 4th playthrough it just...got old doing the same things and knowing exactly whats going to happen. K2 kept my interest until the very end and it still does every time I play it. Robes looked a lot cooler as well.
  4. boxers, cargo shorts, and a undershirt.
  5. Flags of our fathers (awesome) Night of the living dead (old one) Menace II Society Saw )))
  6. You can get all the episodes, up to date, from iTunes every week. Plus there are other ways... apparently. Oh and by the 6th episode of Season 3, Pegasus has gone bye bye. In what I believe is the best episode of the entire series so far. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It truly was. Seeing the digital effects of the Pegasus taking a beating, then being blown into smithereens was awesome.
  7. Procrastinating by thinking posting on this forum is much more important than homework.
  8. (if a topic like this has already been started let me know) I thought it'd be fun to start up a pet peeve topic. (me and my random thinking) 1. When someone drinks milk from the carton. 2. chalkboards in general 3. squeaky pencils and erasers 4. having a lot of food in your house but there's nothing to eat 5. ignorant people 6. hypocrites
  9. "Hey, that tree there is laying on the ground. It must have grown that way. I mean, I didn't hear it, so it couldn't have fallen down." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, but we're discussing the sound!!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you could put a tape recorder by the tree... "
  10. trying to play Majora's Mask but its SOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOORING!!!!!!!!!! *yawn* thinkin about switchin to K2 or Warcraft III. Hadnt played that in a while
  11. You must gather your party before venturing forth..... "
  12. even the greatest swordsman in the world still sweeps his leg every once in a while. I think about it. If you even TOUCH the blade you'll be sent to a hospital..
  13. Perhaps, or maybe HK was trying to divert the attention of the mining droids by fixing the EH instead of fixing the vents
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