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  1. Ok I know someone probably already did this but I searched it and I couldn't find anything about it so I was just wondering how and when u can turn ur party members into jedi (or in my case sith)
  2. Ok so I'm on korriban and I just fought darth sion, kriea interrupted and I left the battle now I'm right outside the sith academy (I can't get back in) and I die in like thirtyt seconds, no matter what I do I just die. Id get it is it a glitch? Plz if u know anything this is realing frustrating thanks.
  3. Hey, I have K2 and I've never played K1 I'm just wondering which u guys liked more.
  4. Just in your opinion, which is the best? I think the Single-Blade looks the coolest but Two-Singles is most effective.
  5. No the funniest misuse of the force is on nar shadda and u comvince that sick guy to kill himself
  6. force shock (then force lighting, then force storm) cuz it's badass
  7. ok thanks for the help I beat her
  8. Omg I'm at that part where u fight mira with the wookie guy on nar shadaa and I can't beat her any tips?
  9. ok so everybody that goes to the DS turns grey? (sorry first time through the game)
  10. Hey I'm on my first planet after telos (nar shaddaa) and I'm playing as a sith I geuss so far and my dude's turning grey? What is that about? Oh yeah and I can't stand that kriea lady
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