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  1. i think K3 would be the best if it followed the story of: once and reunited the clans, he selected the most promising young warrior and sent him off for various forms of training all over the galaxy (perhaps under revan's recommendation). the training would have taken place during the K2 period, and in K3 the warrior returns to mandalore who sends him to find revan and the exile (other quests perhaps). The warrior would be discovered to be force sensitive and get trained in the ways of the force during the game and eventually could meet up and help revan as well as represent the Mandalorians . Revan eventually needs the mandalorians for his war and the warrior and mandalore then ally with revan (and possibly the republic?) and go to war. still needs work but could be good. maybe his mentor could be a k1 or k2 jedi...
  2. i really enjoyed the story. the whole time i played i was wondering: "how will they make this guys story relevant to the galaxy in any way?" it was well done and a very unique game where only one button is lightsabre and 2 buttons are the force. really cool
  3. if Calo Nord himself said he was difficult to kill, perhaps he was more difficult than anyone thought, and Malak naturally had many dark jedi everywhere who could have rescued Calo Nord after his defeat and he could make a return in K3
  4. what about when your in combat and you switch characters to pick an attack, and when you switch back to your character, it sometimes has a lower level power or attack (even if you already upgraded it) in the line up of attacks? If that's possible, then shouldn't what he was saying be possible. example. i have force wave. i switch to mira to pick her attacks, i switch back to my character (no pausing involved) and he is about to use force whirlwind (selected by the game)...
  5. im still laughing at the fact that there were 2 options of ships given in this thread, and hardly anyone read that part
  6. yeah after important quests you get lightsabers sometimes
  7. can you download any of these anywhere? i know which one you mean and i too missed it in the song list
  8. why the heck wouldnt renegade squadron be available for other consoles?????? it makes no sense
  9. i agree and disagree.... i agree that mace was powerful could have earned deserved a better death BUT what were his options? 1. killed like all the others by clones. (no one would have liked this) 2. killed by anakin (i dont think i would have liked a fight scene where anakin beat windu unless it happened at the jedi temple.. anakin kills the children and then as hes talking to the hologram of sidius, windu calls out from above and fights him there, but even then i dont want anakin to kill mace) 3. cut down by sidious as fast as the other jedi he was with (no good) so.. i think that having mace die by fighting sidiuos was good and showed his skills well. i would have preferred if palpatine had unleashed a band of dark jedi (not sith) that he had been training in anticipation for that day to act as his commanders, and mace takkes them on with one or two others and then dies somehow like that or palpatine intervenes and kills him.....but that wouldnt have fit well. all in all, i think mace's death was good. it spawned billions of "did mace beat palpatine?" threads hey i even mentioned the children
  10. im sure it is a sketch version i think it looks good, but maybe thats because i have the ability to be satisfied with the fact we're getting more starwars whens it air
  11. if its true that boba was supposed to beat vader, im going to be very pissed off at who ever writes this "canon"
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