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  1. i think shes mostly jelous of your "relationship" with visas more so than influence or allignment........shes mad cause you chose visas and the dark side
  2. i THINK you can be nice enough to have him spill his guts and still deal with him....but he ends up dead no matter what.....even though the body's on your ship.....good thing theres a nice long dropping zone right outside =)
  3. "I'm on the xbox version so please no pc cheat things"........
  4. If you are an evil overlord/Sith/Master of the universe you never want to say anything like that. The second you say anything along the lines of 'Nothing/no-one can stop me' you are totally screwed-cue the teenage farmboy coming along and blowing your superweapon to bits. i dont have a superweapon...other than the force...and hows he gonna blow that to bits? =P
  5. Id do anythink i freakin felt like doing...IM A SITH LORD....theres noone that could stop me =)
  6. There were boost pads in kotor 1...and obstacles.....just no jumping....you kinda contradicted youreself.... And KOTOR 1 swooping was DEFFINATELY better than KOTOR 2
  7. YES imagine kelly Hu makin the noises that the "wives" make =)
  8. Darkside has more fun....Lifting your opponent in the air and crushing him....zapping him with enough lightening to kill him...ah good times
  9. I dont know how far you are but IIRC the holigram only comes after almost complete repar of T3, and i think that includes body work
  10. Thank you for that happy thought =) i would LOVE to lose most of my family in go =) (Taking them out one at a time is consuming!) =P lol
  11. You have to add in the dexterity factor. If you're dexterity is +8 and you put on an item that only allows +4 dexterity your defence drops 2 defensive points and then is increased by the ammount of armor bonus by the armor.
  12. Never had a problem like that unless there were 20 plus people fighting, of course i dont play on comp...HAHA
  13. Actually, animals do it all the time. Yeh, some eat thier own children. Many sharks as babies eat thier siblings because thier bigger, stronger. Some animals abandon thier babies to survive if they can =)
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