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  1. Until this point I have only played Kotor2 as a Jedi. WHat can I say... im such a nice guy But the dark side finnaly got to me and today I began with a dark side game. Now I always like turning my compangions intro force users, but doing that always ment saying nice things to them to gain influence. But that means gettin light side points all the time when talking to them. So my general question is... How do I turn my compangions into sith? Are all of my campangions able to become sith, and how?!!
  2. Hey guys. I started a new light side game and I remembered that 1 time when I got to telos Carth showed up as admiral of the republic, and later in the game he and Bastilla showed up when Telos got attacked. This has only happened once, what do I need to do to let that happen again?
  3. I got a problem guys. It was easy to turn mirra and the handmaiden but im having difficulty with atton and boa. I cant seem to got atton beyond the point where I ask him about his past because we are going to travel together. And with boa I talked abit about the madalorion wars and now when I speak to him I only have the never mind option, and I only have onderon to go...
  4. Do you guys think certain planets are good for certain companions?
  5. Yeah but it takes a while before you can continue convrsations, like when you get to the twilek and you talk to atton about it it takes ages before you can continue the convo, same goes for the others. Does it help taking them with you on the planets and such?
  6. Hey guys. I ran through the game as fast as I could but it seems I missed large parts of the storyline. According to a friend of mine I mist the options of kreya promoting me to a jedi master/sith lord etc. And the only compangion I turned into a jedi is the handmaiden. My question/s: Do I have to do all the sub missions to get all of the jedi stuff learned and gettin all of the options out of kreya or do I just need to take here with me on all of the planets, or do I need to do certain things with here? Second question: What people can be turned into jedi/dark jedi and how, like the question about kreya. I cant just take them al with me. What worked for you guys?
  7. How do i turn Bao-dur/atton into a jedi?? (early preffered)
  8. 1 thing, its not actually possible to get a romance with Mira, so dont really bother trying as it is just one big loop of conversation. Secondly, IIRC you have to take Mira to the point on Nar Shaddaa where Kreia showed you to listen to the Force to get Mira to do so as well <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol, yeah i figured that out for myself aswel, but i forgot where that was:p p.s. With who can i have romance then? and how??
  9. Hey guys, ive really tried my best on mira, but i don't know how i can tourn here into a jedi/ore let here fall in love with me :D I'm at the point where kreya showed me Nar Shadaa with the force, now i have offered to show it to mira. But what do i have to do then? Do i have to go to nar shadaa or something? and then what?? And how can i get a relationship with here? or is that not possible?? Right, greetzzz
  10. Do you guys think that a sequel of kotor2 will be made? I'm dying for a new version
  11. k, thx guys! But can a lvl 25 beat Kreya?? Ore do I just need to train some more?
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