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  1. Without any armor I'm currently at a base defense of 23. Say I add an armor with a defense bonus of 4, such as the Jay Shel armor, my defense increases to 25 and not 27. Or if I add an armor with a defense bonus of 5 it increases to 26 and not 28. Has anyone had this problem? Or am I not adding up the bonuses and such correctly? Thanks.
  2. I don't feel that games load faster off the HDD, I also ran into fewer problems with KotOR 2, i.e. glitches and slowdowns less frequently off the disc than off the HDD. Not to deviate too far off topic but the Xbox with a modchip is a wonderful thing. I recommend anyone drop the $200 for the media and multiple game capabilities alone. I'm typing this from the Linux on my Xbox as we speak :D . I still think this game kicks ass though. It felt it was way better than KotOR 1 in terms of story and character development, not to say that it was bad in the first one. I didn't like it my first time through not knowing stuff from particular NPC's because my influence wasn't high enough with them.
  3. Don't know if any of you guys have seen 'em but my friend gave me the link the other day, enjoy: http://www.tpu.fi/~t4jlaaks/ep3/
  4. Actually, I saw a video interview on IGN with Obsidian where they said that PC version was finished at the exact same time as the XBOX version and that it was "nice" because it "gave them time to work on international version (languages)". So, nothing was ever pushed up. In fact, the XBOX version doesn't have the problems of the PC version so what's the deal? IT WASN'T TESTED. And yes, it is as much Obsidian's fault as it is LucasArts. If I were a START-UP COMPANY and this was my first major title, I wouldn't let LucasArts push me around and fail to provide the resources to properly test the game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes you would. Obsidian doesn't own any rights to the Star Wars franchise, that means whatever they do has to be given the okay by the guys at LA. I'm pretty sure if the guys at Obsidian started bitching and talking crap to LA then they would have went to someone else. If your boss gives you a deadline you meet it.
  5. Much obliged sir, great way to start off your first post as well. Welcome to the boards!
  6. Does anyone know the password to the restricted section on the prima dvd guide? Can't seem to find it anywhere else.
  7. I suggest getting the lightsaber pieces from Telos, Visas, then Vogga's storage room. That way once you get around to Lootra instead of a piece he'll give you an extra lightsaber (single or short). That way you'll have two sabers instead of just one.
  8. That was one of mine as well. I also liked the part on Nar Shaadaa when you give that guy some credits and someone comes along and punches him in the gut and takes his money. Priceless...
  9. My words exactly. The only really serious glitch I ran into was the T3-black screen glitch. That was easily remedied by playing off the disc instead of the hdd (I found a fix so I'm back to the hdd :D ). Bugs aren't that serious anyway...nothing the PC version shouldn't take care of, namely the slowdown.
  10. Mines is cool with the bugs. I only had the T3 glitch once, now its smooth sailing. Other than that I give it a 10 for replay value. Different dialogue choices, and the multiple choices for classes are very enticing, as well as I didn't make everyone Jedi (damn mira and bao-dur).
  11. I can't get Bao-Dur to become a Jedi for nothing, I'm on Onderon doing good stuff and he still doesn't gain influence.
  12. You're closing on my definement of spoiler... careful now. (Check the first post.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There is nothing even remotely close to being spoilerish in his post... Then be prepared to have games where all you find are medpacs and vibroblades. Be prepared to be frustrated if you never find any robes for your character that "match" (DS robes for DS characters, etc..). Also be prepared to find the most basic of equipment all the way up until the end of the game. Be prepared to look at vendor inventories and walk away because they have nothing but absolute junk. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That also kinda pissed me off, which is why I used the workbench a lot (not this time around though because guardians get sucky skill points). It would've been better if those dark jedi dropped lightsabers and robes like they did in the first game. I've got five jedi in my party and only one lightsaber between us.
  13. Yes I did, but I still thought it gave the attack bonuses. Had I known it didn't I wouldn't have invested in it.
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