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  1. HK-47 You gotta love the fact that he is to the point, and makes no apologies. A respectable fighter too.
  2. robes definitely... enemies never land a blow, they are so handily dispached my big bad DS consular self. No need for armor
  3. The Bible never states when exactly the rapture is going to happen. I don't know where you got the idea that it was supposed to occur on the millenium. Also, elaborate on the "two very different versions" of the birth of Jesus. As far as interpreting the Bible correctly, It's up to the Spirit to speak to one through the Word. And when exactly has it been revised? Maybe somethings maybe lost translation, but wouldn't you know that they have hebrew and greek tranlations from which you can glean whatever is "lost". When you say "the whole book is pretty vague" I return to my point about how it is up to the Spirit to speak to you thru the Word, no matter how vauge it is. How can you say "the whole book is pretty vauge" when you probably haven't even read the Book in its entirety. Or have you? I don't expect you to understand or believe what Im saying, because it takes faith to do that. Thats all I have to say, as I am not called to argue with the likes of you. I do hope you answer my questions, and don't be surprised if don't post in response, as It is not my place to argue with you. I don't mean to come across as arrogant or "holier-than-thou", and if I do, I'm am terribly sorry. Sry to stray from the pagan teachings discussion.
  4. Dear Mr. Negativity, Why are you one these boards if all you do is complain about the game? Am I missing something? Sincerley and thoughtfully, the khanster
  5. In other words, all must follow the exact law of the Bible or be damned to the pit of eternal hellfire! You seem to forget religion is optional, and not everyone is Christian. Besides, the bible is pretty f'ed up at times. I remember being told of one particularly insane passage by a former rabbi of mine. Basically, it told the story of a traveler who stopped at a certain village to rest for the night. A kind man took him in. The other men of the village wanted to "get to know" the guest. But his host sent out his virgin daughter instead because "sodomy was wrong." The young girl proceeded to be gang-raped by every man in the village. Tell me this is not a clear indication that some crazy folk contributed to your holy writings. Obviously, a perfect being like God would not condone such an act. Yet it was done in his name. Makes you think, hmm? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not forcing Christianity on anyone, just stating what I believe. Close to the end of your post, you mention that passage making me think. Only thing that makes me think about is how often the Scriptures can be misinterpreted. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether or not it is respected. It seems to make sense to me.
  6. We wouldnt have to spend money on all of this if people stuck to the biblical principle of no extra-marital intercourse. Your point was very eloquently put though. On the point of gay marriage (to continue the debate), notice that Marriage is never mentioned in the constitution at any point. Whether or not you believe homosexuality is right or wrong is your deal, but we're all going to stand before god someday and give an account of outr lives, whether we like or not.
  7. I rarely use the stances, because of how glitchy they are, but they would've been a good tool if they'd been completley developed.
  8. Talak Khan Mace Shalo came from random name generator with some tweaking +Bronn Char, but thats nothing special
  9. I found bindo's band on Malachor V, but it wasnt anything special. Otherwise, I got Freedon Nadd's saber in the very back of the sith tomb on Dxun (doesnt everyone?). I havent really come across anything rarer that those. That is very interesting about the star maps, and also, I think it would be great to visit the "Unknown Planet" to find star forge pieces all over it :D
  10. hmm jump tends to be very glitchy, one time my game came to a complete and grinding halt.
  11. hmm it shouldnt be too hard. I always looked at it this way: one gets more exp when playing DS theoretically, because they kill more.
  12. Concise and to the point, I like it.
  13. I would rather live in the completely deleted thread system. I hear it's fun there. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd live in the "not even worth making a thread" system. Even greater fun. beat that
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