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  1. I've been on this board since KOTOR II came out and I don't recall such a poll, that's probably just me not paying attention, but if there was one then it's my bad. But I ain't gonna do a search everytime I want to start a topic. Anyway, I agree with you guys, until there is solid evidence, you really can't tell for sure, but it sure would make things more interesting if it were true.
  2. Since there is alot of discussion on this as of late, why don't we find put it to the test by finding out what percentage of people actually think this is true. All the arguments have already been made on the other topics, so u don't have to bother about leaving a post unless you really want to. Oh, and what do I think? I'm undecided. It's probably just a bunch of malarchy that Kreia is Kae, yet there is alot of evidence to suggest that this may be true and can't be so easily ignored and might have been the intentions of the game makers, but who knows?
  3. You made some strong arguements Nerellis. And Bao-Dur, learn some friggin grammar before u decide to pointlessly rip anothers post. There were some characters in both games that I used alot because they were awesome in combat, but not necessarily likeable or interesting. Examples of this are Zaalbar and Visas.
  4. I seemed to have missed the "mediocre" part, but Yeah, Vrook is just a huge tool. It's ridiculous to think that Exile was "mediocre", even before he became "a wound in the force". ALso, didn't Revan and his fellow Jedi forsake the order to fight in the mandalorian wars? Or did they just not get the council's approval but still remained part of the order? I believe Revan forsake the order to fight, got banished after he turned sith, but after his redemption, the order (or what was left of it) invited him back, since Master Vandar and the jedi council gave him praise at the LS ending of KO
  5. I think regular enemies like sith soldiers should stay easy because in the movies, Jedi's can take out multiple stormtroopers in a matter of seconds. In episode III, even the little kid Jedi played by GL's son took out a few troopers rather easily before being blasted. It only takes one swipe of a lightsaber blade to take out a stormtrooper, yet in KOTOR games, it takes a couple of flurries or criticals to take them down. So I think the difficulty level for sith soldiers, and regular guys should stay the same. However........ However, the battle's against some of the "boss characters" i
  6. I see. GL screwed "that" up, did he? According to whom? Some comic book? Also, stop using coloured fonts, it makes your already pointless comments even more unreadable. To answer the original question, the three colours were given meanings by Bioeare when they created the game. There is no reason to ascribe any subtext to the colour of a lightsabre beam (except red has only ever been used for Sith). Of course I don't expect it will be long before some zealous fanboy revisionist explains that the colours have always had deep, intrinsic meanings based on long-established principles
  7. Huh? I thought we were talking about Exile here.
  8. I'm sure Kavarr might have taught the Exile as a Youngling, but not as a 13 year old full blown padawan. On the issue of his knighthood. I believe the Exile was just about to become a full ranked knight but than the Mandalorian wars came beckoning. He was probably very powerful and just hadn't gone through the Jedi trials yet, and he was good enough to become one of Revan's trusted generals. I believe also that female players will confirm that had the Exile became the knight, than the Disciple would have become his Padawan. I've never played female before but this is what it says at wiki
  9. if you've joined create your charecter, otherwise your just wasteing space on the site. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OH REALLY!!!!!! WELL I'LL BE DOGGONE!!!! THANX FOR TELLING ME!!!! I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!!!!!!hahaha Policeman Kyle rides again. My thing is up, Now I suppose you're gonna give me a slap on the wrist for making it too long. I'm just soooo terribly sorry for "wasting space on the site". I'm ashamed at myself!!!!!!!What was I thinking????? And by the way, you spelled impatient wrong, and wasteing wrong as well.
  10. I can't believe some people actually chose Exile saying things like: "he can go up to level 50 and have a prestige class while revan is stuck at 20". hahahaha. I wonder what level Darth Sidious was at lol. Anyway, i voted Revan. Don't really know why, I just like him better.
  11. Lol well actually i hadnt planned to change the names! . But i am horrible with namees that is a fact if you could come up with one that you think suits a sith lord better, that would be great! Perhaps you would even like to join the mod team? We need that kind of insight! -GSCCC <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have absolutely no skills in computer programming or whatever and heck I own the X box version only hahaha. But yeah, I'm pretty knowledgeable on the star wars universe though and I can give insight on characters and historical accuracy, relevance to star wars, and such. I'd
  12. You seem to be doing a great job so far Gsccc. Keep up the good work and don't let people like misconcepticon get to you. I was wondering if the names of the two sith lords are final. Do you plan on changing them? i hope u don't take this as criticism b but I'm sure you can come up with better names than Craven and Trennon. They both end with the letter "n" lol. And the jedi's name sounds alot like Atton Rand. But anyway cheers. :D
  13. I just joined as well, the concept seems similar to the various star trek online roleplaying sites out there.
  14. http://crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayimage...tup&cat=0&pos=3 http://crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayimage...tup&cat=0&pos=4 http://crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayimage...tup&cat=0&pos=2 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanx for the linx. Great site. The pics are indeed cool but it's too bad that the lighting is way to dark. A broad daylight pic would be cool where u can actually see his mask and costume in detail.
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