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  1. How do you downgrade(im not dual core btw) But i did notice it happend after i upgraded my Graphics driver.
  2. I jsut did a check and every time i run Kotor 2 it uses 100 % or my cpu, perhaps its the dual processor?
  3. Hey, I havent had this problem untill jsut recently Im running on an AMD Opteron Dual Processer 248 2.21GZ 2.00 Gig of Ram NVidia 6800 And when i get in the game, no matter what resolution i am on or what my graphics are set at, Darth Sion is always really choppy, and durring my cutscenes the screen just freezes with choppyness as thouhg the graphics are set too high, now obviously, if i can run other games at 1600x1200 and max detail this shoudnt be a problem, and it hasnt been untill now. I have no mods, I have the most current Video Drivers, the Current version of KOTOR 2, and I dont know what is going on. -Gsccc
  4. The mod consists of several parts, CGI cutscenes, In-game cutscenes, Playable modules. Now for those who dont know, a module is what we call a kotor map. There is the intro starwars crawl, then the cgi after that , then an intro ingame cutscene, then 5 playable modules, 4 or which are action packed. then there are 2 more ingame cutscenes between the major bad guys and finally an ending credits to let you know the mod is over. Oh yea there is also a CGI cutscene of the player going to Yavin 4. -GSCCC
  5. The MOD DEMO is officially out on PCGAMEMODS as well if you want to download it there.
  6. I don't have PC version so I can't download. Not that I have a small modem or anything... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh thats too bad, do you have a modded xbox? Im going to try and make it compatable.
  7. Just a quick say on the story, JOVA is not anything like the deathstar or the Star Forge, Its got its own qualities all together. Just clearing that up for poeople. -GSCCC
  8. Well i guess you have to play it first..... I can imagine why you would be hesitent to download it, 54meg isnt really small modem friendly, but I guess its just If you want to download it do it if you dont, then dont. Its all your choice. The mod doesnt jump into your game directory. In my opinion it is worth it. It will give you an idea on what the full version will be like. -GSCCC
  9. Okay everyone Its up at my site, have your way with it. Dont forget to read the readme file. When the demo is complete feel free to Shout/Yell/Scream/Comment/Encourage/Divulge/Torture/Compliment here or at our forums. WEbsite: http://www.infinite-empire.org
  10. Chill out we arent making a trade mark game here, its just a for-fun mod that lets you replay kotor 2 with a different storyine If the name is whats bothering you well i just hired some people to hlep me with naming so dont worry about that. And when you play the mod you will see that "JOVA" is nothing like the starforge. Every story starts out bulky and rough, but thats why we have a fulll capable bunch of story refiners who refine it to make it A LOT better. So just wait untill the end before we comment on the story, as it is still changing. -GSCCC
  11. Well I have finished the demo, I am having my Beta Testers have their way with it at the moment, when they give me a full report I will post it on PCGAMEMODS and my site as well. Due to the fact that some of my Voice actors are out of town there are 2 parts where 1 guy is not voiced, but im sure you will be okay with that -GSCCC
  12. Good news, Demo is almost completed, I should have it out by later today. If it is completely voiced or not will be up to my voice actors and getting their stuff in on time.
  13. Here is another render of the new Star Destroyer and the new Tie: http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/5254/sithguys524ld.jpg Models and textures curtesy of Ellderon.
  14. The answers to all those questions are on the webiste and or forums. For planets go to http://www.infinite-empire.org As for what they will be like they will be kind of like Tatooine but not as detailed, there will be sidequests for each of the sidequest planets, but its not going to be gigantic. The gameplay will be adaquit, that is about as much as I can say for now. Basically there will be merchants, citizens, and sidequests for each of the planets that harbor those things, Korderon Nar Shadaa Hoth EDIT: when you go to the webiste, go to the PLANETS section at the bottom of the navigation bar. Hope that clears things up for you. -GSCCC
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