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  1. The only quest that I took but didn't finish in my game. What do you have to do? I talked to the militia lieutenant but it wasn't enough.
  2. I trained the Handmaiden relatively early in the game. She was my second apprentice. I did get the name dialogue after dealing with Atris and all the previous dialogues about her mother and father. I just wondered if there was anything after Atris that the Handmaiden could say. I also wondered if Kreia could recognise her as your love interest. It seems to me that she thought I loved Visas, telling me I had to leave her behind because I could take with me no one that I loved. It's not like I care too much, but before, Mira thought the Exile and the Handmaiden had something for each other. Visas was max LS but I think I still had the bigger influence with the Handmaiden. I didn't even do the "look upon each other" thing with Visas. So I don't really understand how Kreia got the idea. Or does she always say the same? And I was thinking about the Ravager, sorry.
  3. I had max influence with the Handmaiden but not with Visas. Didn't look on each other in the Force with her, either, but only allowed her to go with me on the Ravager. Still, when I asked Kreia about my friends, she said something about the Handmaiden taking Atris's place but Visas she said I had to leave behind as I could take with me no one I loved. Speaking of the Handmaiden, I had the dialogue after dealing with Atris but not much more. She wouldn't say anything new, her dialogues didn't change (she would refuse to tell me her name and say it was of no consequence even after returning to it " ). I intended to take her and Visas on the Harbinger but Mandalore jumped into her place and the two last Sith Lords I had to face alone. Did I miss anything? Is it possible to get anything more from her or about her? Edit: Ravager. I obviously meant the Ravager. Sorry for confusion.
  4. There is more to the Exile being the last of the Jedi than the rumour. At first, it's clearly said that the Sith believe him to be a Jedi despite his exile. Next, it's explained that they believe him also to be the last one, even if Atris claims the same title and the locations of the masters are downloaded by T3 from Atris's computer. Atris mentions knowing where the other masters are, but she believes them to have abandoned their ways and thinks they need to be convinced to return, as it were. This is the task she sets before the Exile. Next, Atris herself looks quite weird and has apparently lost some connection with reality. Other masters radiate a similar feeling. While Vrook is still a steadfast Jedi, Zez Kai pronounces the Exile to be more of a Jedi than he himself is. Besides, Zez Kai is on a self-imposed exile and practically a gray Jedi at this point. Finally, however, Kreia slaughters the masters and there is no Council anymore, following Atris's fall to the Dark Side. The Handmaiden calls herself Brianna the disciple of the last of the Jedi. It is still a fact that Revan is potentially alive somewhere, though. Perhaps Revan and Bastila are not really with the Jedi Order? Revan was probably the most powerful Jedi and he made his own decision to leave the known universe and deal with the Sith thread at its core. Bastila's affiliation at that time was obviously Revan first and foremost and the Council second if at all. It seems to me that Revan and Bastila could be some kind of meta-Jedi, on the Light Side and not out of the Council's graces but standing on their own. The fact that he gives orders both to Admiral Onasi of the Republic and Mandalore supports the idea that Revan might be a meta figure, above the heads of the rulers of the galaxy. As for the romance, the message in T3's core is clear enough on the fact that Bastila and Revan have a relationship. However, the way she enters the room after the Exile leaves and the way she talks to Carth suggests some kind of a close and intimate relationship, possibly a romantic one. This impression is reinforced by the fact that she enters the room only when the Exile has already left. In conjunction with the fact that Bastila and the Exile know each other, as evidencomed by his recognising her in the Korriban tomb, this also suggests that she is hiding from the Exile. She does not want to be seen. I suppose we have some sort of explanation as to why Bastila can still be alive and the Exile still deemed the last of the Jedi. We can also establish that her relationship with Carth is a close one but not of a romantic nature. But why is she hiding from the Exile? This question is not easily answered.
  5. The Exile is the last of the Jedi. But Bastila is still alive and the message recorded in T3's core says you should find her or someone else of the Jedi. This clearly shows she's still a Jedi. So, this is one. Then, the way she enters the stage after the Exile's gone and the way she starts talking to Carth... it doesn't really look like good friends. It could be, but not really. However, the message was clear in that she cared for Revan and didn't want to lose him. Something that Kreia said also made things quite clear. This doesn't look right. She either is a Jedi or not. And she has a relationship either with Revan or with Carth. This is strange.
  6. Defensive is good for soloing but lags behind in team work, as it stands unharmed but contributes little to the overall ownage. Overdone offensive characters need to be healed too often. At the moment, my Consular/Master delivers lectures at +34 for 22-50 with a single sabre (Master Flurry), while keeping a healthy 38 DEF, 255 HP and 479 FP (DC 39). With items, before force buffs. He doesn't kick in as fast as the blasters and lacks the shock value of his jumping dual-wielding guardian pupils, but he owns everything without sweating. Being able to cure 73 HP for 12 FP that regenarates in no time is quite a bonus, as well.
  7. G0T0. I'm a freaking Light Side Jedi Master and a freaking crime boss whose ship I have just got blown into cubic inch pieces is giving me a freaking droid, saying it's going to make sure his freaking orders reach me and I can't do a freaking thing about this.
  8. I think the designer who did that dialogue could have done it better. The lines are too ambiguous and so is the whole situation. Perhaps the fact that she extinguishes her lightsabre and they still keep gathering around and look like they're going to lynch her has something to do with the DS or LS points. Her later lines clearly suggest she's going to be attacked and so does the "what they are doing is wrong" option you get. But the beginning is also clear: she threatens Atton with a lightsabre until you tell her to stop.
  9. PC and speaking of Telos. I don't recall any bugs on the Nar Shaddaa track and haven't raced on Onderon yet.
  10. Even if you don't get DS points for it, all of those Mandalorians talk freely about preparing themselves for another war, so helping them get to the hidden power items doesn't look like an LS idea, let alone a wise move, IMHO. As for the radio, Bao-Dur is the last guy to love Mandalorians but he still chimes in and offers his help. I don't really understand. I can only think about the idea that if they are warned early enough of the incoming Onderon forces, they are going to hide and bloodshed will be avoided. But the truth is that Onderon clearly has enough power to deal with that camp and the leader of all Mandalorians, effectively stopping the Mandalorian war effort for some more time, which doesn't sound bad. But blowing the charges on that cache door? Perhaps it's going to save the lives of a couple of Mandalorian soldiers but it's as if you were giving them weapons and armour. EDIT: Funny thing, you can actually get Light Side Points helping with the radio.
  11. A critical hit involves not double damage but a second damage roll, which makes odd numbers possible.
  12. Swoop racing is bugged. You can run through the exact middle of a power-up and still "miss" it.
  13. Just wondering how other lightsiders approach these quests. Helping the lost Mandalorian: the right thing to do The scouts: no problem, so long as they fire first Killing the big beast: no problem, but some lightsiders could be opposed to the idea of killing it to prove yourself Fixing the radio for Mandalorians: practically helping the Mandalorians defend their camp from the Onderon military Blowing the charges for Mandalore: helping the Mandalorians get uber equipment The Battle Circle: no problem for me, if the idea is somewhat crude, though some lightsiders could probably have a problem with it
  14. What are the meanings of colours other than the standard blue, green, yellow and red? I remember hearing rumours that purple is borderline dark, cyan is anti-red (cyan being the complement of red in RGB and all), but haven't been able to confirm those. Nothing about the other colours and there's quite a number...
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