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  1. I heard though that Aurora did a rebalance mod for the game. Is there a way to tweak it so the Jedi Masters don't suck so much?
  2. I could never understand why the Jedi Sentinels and Watchmen were given almost as much willpower stats as Jedi Masters. Conditioning feats will bring them up to far, if not even better. It just seems then that the Jedi Master becomes nothing more than a weakened version of a Jedi Watchman. Since the JM already has lower melee damage and vitality points, their strength should be uber force points and will power. But with the saving throws for the sentinel/watchman as they are, that seems to just take the chutzpah out of the Jedi Master It would be really cool if Aurora's rebalance mod addressed this problem.... "
  3. So let me get this strait. For example, you're around level 25, and your personal crystal has been upgraded three times. If you do the infinite hissis spawn and get up to level 40 or something, and then go back to Kreia to get the personal crystal upgraded, it will allow you to upgrade in proportion to the levels you gained? Or does it assume it has already maxed itself out, and wont allow you??
  4. I still think the funniest line was when the exile first stumbles upon Atton "Yout a name or just a big mouth?" (w00t)
  5. :D :D I wish the exile player had actual battle-cries, neither KOTOR 1 nor this included any.....
  6. Who was Visas serving then, if Nihilus is merely a product of the Exile's imagination....
  7. Yes, I found the ending of that conflict anti-climactic and half-baked. What are your thoughts regarding their relations???
  8. What are the stats for the crystal if it is maxed out?
  9. It seems then, that Critical Combat is best when you have a high-level character with alot of damage. 52.5%? I didin't realize ataru saber form added that much !
  10. Maybe Will the Almighty is Eddo or his brother....
  11. So as long as I dont enter the office or go near the door, they should keep respawning? Strange what you mentioned about the Hissis though, when I played as a weaponmaster , my force points did regenerate in that particular roomb
  12. I think if the Handmaiden had longer hair, (and the Echani handmaidens as a matter of fact), she would look so much more attractive. I think your gettin a little too tough on visas there
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