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  1. I'm at a point where I think I might be able to turn Handmaiden into a Jedi, the only problem is, I think I have to beat her in the Echani dueling. I got a conversation with her, in which she indicated she might let me train her to be a Jedi but only after I beat her in the dueling?? Problem is I'm a freaking Jedi Counseler and have almost no meele power. I was able to beat her right in the beginning one time but after that, in the second dueling where I can use meele weapons ( no lightsabers), she kicks my butt every single time. If I'm lucky I get her to half of her health but that's it. So is this the only way to turn her into a Jedi, to duel her, or if I continue to influence her, I will eventually get the option to turn her into a Jedi? I already influenced her to full light side.
  2. No, it doesen't. Kreia and Atton are still at the Entrance were we enetered the Academy. I can't speak to Kreia at all and Atton just gives me 2 options, 1) Cheat: Directly start conversation with Artis or 2) Cheat: Continue to talk to Handmaiden (or something like that). I discovered two more captured in Force fields. T3 (whom I can talk to) and the mechanic I just met on Telos surface (Can't spell the name right now)., but he seems to be unconcious. If it is a bug, does anyone know how to get around it?
  3. The Handmaiden's told me I have to free my friends myself, but it seems that I can't do it. There is no Consol or terminal that I could use to lower the force fields and I can't talk to any of my companion's except T3, but no help there. How do I leave the acedemy??
  4. Actually no, I left an older version of my Vid card driver do the work, because after I read what problems people have with their new card drivers for Raedon and simply used older versions, I decided not to update. I believe the newest version is cataclyst 5.6. Anyone has trouble with it?
  5. I keep getting crashes during the loading screen. It usually happens after 5 to 8 loads when I try to enter another area. After I restart the game it will be alright for another 5 to 8 loads after it crashes again in the load screen when switching areas. The game is still playable, but is very anoying, espacially when you just did something difficult to accomplish and it crashes on you after you get to the load screen without having the chance to save. The game is patched and I use WinXP, Raedon9800 pro. Thanks for any help.
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