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  1. To obsidian, It's a shame if these forums get closed, this is the best place to discuss TSL. Info will always be available for those who ask. It's easy to just notice the complaints and whines and so on, but what about the good stuff this forum has? Look at the class comparison sticky for instance, a great example of what this forum has to offer at it's best. Also people have a lot of interesting and good conversations in this community, it would be waste to deny those because of random crap that people post. The community is currently so large that the bad stuff just can't be avoided, but the situation will calm down, it always does. Nobody can continue to bitch forever, in time most of the out-of-line stuff will disappear (the people will). The situation is right now the worst it can be and that may give you a reason to close these forums, but I'd still recommend you to reconsider and see how the things play out a little longer. Alas, I do not know the whole story and have no true knowledge of how things are from your point of view. Also I would like to say that, like most people, I really liked TSL and I think it's a great game. It must not have been easy to to make a sequel to a game like Kotor. A job well done. Thank you, Obsidian. As conclusion I'd like to say that most people would accept strict rules, if that would keep the forums alive. You do what you got to do and I respect your decision. After all, these forums effect your personal lives too.
  2. Be a jerk and lose influence whenever possible. I just turned Bao-Dur and Atton on Nar Shaddaa. That planet (or moon) is perfect for losing influence all over the place. So right now, my PC has dark side mastery and those two are about 75% in the blue. I'm not sure of the logic behind it but if you're consistent in either winning or losing, you can train them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Really? How does this work? You just lose influence and then you just get a conversation option?
  3. Whtever, just give them force powers and lightsabers and I'm happy.
  4. Now I'm playing a DS female and I'm having some difficulties with influence. I want those characters turned to Jedis, but most of them just don't approve of my evil deeds. Give me some advice on this, do I have to do LS acts, or is there better ways? Also, I've tried using the Nar shaddaa speeder bug, but It doesn't work, I just don't get those options again. Maybe it's fixed. Any Ideas?
  5. That's exactly the same I did (read the first post), and yes the personal crystal is nice too.
  6. Ah, I got it faster from Dantoiine, before getting to Master Vrook, (check first post) (was in K1 too btw.) Anyone who has got the first saber from Korriban? It's the shortest planet so... And getting a part from Visas means you need to be fast on alignment maxing, I've always had my saber before that. (+if you already have one, you get a double-bladed from her)
  7. Okay, a lightsaber is what everyone wants and wants it fast. So I want to know which planet would be the fastest. I've noticed that there are certain quests from which you get rewarded with a lightsaber and if you don't yet have one you get a part from these. I'm currently on my second playthrough, first time I got it on Dxun and I think it took pretty long. Second time I'm on Dantoiine and got it pretty fast. 1st part from Jorran and the second I got from the dead guys body by modifying the will. I think this was pretty fast, but are there faster ways? Maybe from two different planets? So what do you think?
  8. Yeah you can't say it's too short if you comlete it too fast. It's true there SEEMS to be less quests and stuff to do, but still I managed to spend 7 hours more on TSL than I did with KotOR. So if people on average use more then 30 hours on this game, not even counting additional playthroughs, it's a lot more to play then the standard 10 hours that most of the games take to complete. And this is an RPG, if you wan't to have a manual controlled battle, play an FPS. Or deus ex invisible war... which sucks.
  9. In Ravager basic sith soldier had one. Yeah it's quite funny sometimes. And also bad sometimes.
  10. Ah, okay. Well there is no point destroying those lightsabers anyway, Trayas the one that we want. I guess it's possible to kill her while the sabers are hitting you but your character would have to make a couple of criticals i think. Otherwise you would get beat down pretty fast.
  11. So you had only mind trick not confusion? So in theory you could convert them to fight for you, maybe.
  12. You can mindtrick the sabers?...odd. Oh and I remember reading from somewhere that you can force crush these guys (the sith lords), don't know for certain, my DS character isn't finished yet. If that is true, than they're really easy.
  13. Sion for me was a piece of cake. Didn't even lay a hand on me. Just cast wawe and then some lightning and finish up with saber. I was a sentinel/weapon master. Darth Traya was somewhat more difficult, the first round was simple enough, but with the lightsabers I had to run around to evade their damage. In overall K1 had a more difficult ending.
  14. Ah btw. dropping the difficulty to easy makes the skill tasks easier, if you really want everything done (I switched with my consular a couple of times so I could open a few containers, since I want every possible piece of equipment). Though the battles will be worthless then, luckily it can be switched right back after the task is done. Some people would say this is cheating, but it works.
  15. No prob, this is why Kotor is good, new stuff for everyone even after many playthroughs.
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