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  1. werent you the one who was getting upset with reviewers for not giving it a perfect score even before you had even played the game? "
  2. technically, it is. but so is tatooine, ryloth, sullust, dagobah, etc. the outer rim constitutes a vast amount of known planets, so it would be a better question to ask specifically what is in the unknown regions. unless, of course, revan went to the corporate sector or the ssi-ruuk cluster, which are both, according to the star wars map, both "beyond the outer rim" as well. "
  3. i thought revan went to the unknown regions, which is completely different from the outer rim. i could be mistaken though. in either case, it would make more sense that he went to the unknown regions, since thats basically (duh) unknown in terms of existing star wars data apart from a few references in some of the later star wars novels, whereas the outer rim has been documented various times in the eu.
  4. which in effect ruin those force powers, making them a waste to even pursue.
  5. Bastilla Skywalker. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that literally made me spit my coffee on my keyboard. thanks a lot.
  6. as long as they give him an official alignment that corresponds with my view of him, sure. but the chances are they wont, so i voted for no.
  7. thats just it. the hutt jedi went against what continuity stated, that the hutt species can NOT be force sensitive. but then they allowed that. but then later they went back to their old stance that hutts cant be jedi. in other words, continuity changes for the sake of current stories. you make it sound like there have never been any flaws in the continuity. but the hutt jedi clearly broke established rules. but nevermind. ill leave you to your "flawless" continuity and your tantrum over a ship that makes a brief appearance and has no effect on the game whatsoever.
  8. the only thing youve proven is you spend way too much of your time, and way too much of your energy complaining about A FREAKING SHIP/DROID THAT APPEARS IN ABOUT 1 MINUTE OF THE ENTIRE GAME. think about that for a minute. all this time arguing over what a basilisk should or shouldnt look like. how exactly does the design of a ship that you only get to actually ride ONCE in a cutscene affect the game to the point where you need to "prove" youre right? not to mention (and heres the part you keep ignoring other people bring up) star wars continuity is NOT flawless in itself. or do i keep having to bring up the freaking hutt jedi? if you can explain the hutt jedi and still say that continuity in the sw universe is flawless, then go right ahead. otherwise, ITS A FREAKING DESIGN DECISION.
  9. and your point? it doesnt matter what dark horse prints. if lucasfilms or lucasbooks decides in the next couple of months they want to go with the video game design rather than dark horse, then thats what will happen, regardless if dark horse says so or not. edit: and btw, i dont really want to get into a debate with you, since so far in this thread youve completely ignored everything people have posted that shoot down your "omg continuity ruined! continuity ruined!" theory, and only respond with the same repetitive things over and over, citing irrelevant sources. so feel free to complain that attons pants are not continuity because some obscure comic book says that fashion wont occur for the next 100 years.
  10. above the games, perhaps. above lucasarts and lucasfilms final decision? no. so unless you were speaking to george lucas himself, your comment is irrelevant.
  11. if youre trying to compliment kotor2, please dont use napoleon dynamite as an analogy. i hated that movie.
  12. i dont think thats necessarily the case. there is such a thing as "in between". for instance, it would make sense that any and all posts that contain what most people would define as "spamming, trolling, or flaming" would be deleted. i shouldnt have to give examples of these because they should be easy to spot based on their tone and what the content of the posts actually say. so right there, thats a good percentage of the "negative" posts eliminated without even having to worry about being moderation-nazis. after that, it comes down to banning a user after perhaps one warning, letting the user know what exactly they shouldnt be posting about, and if they persist, then an immediate ban. again, not moderation-nazi since the person got a warning and at the same time should clue in to what is and isnt acceptable thus giving them a chance to refrain from doing it again. imo, the only difficult part will be when it comes to how strict constructive cristisism moderations will be. i dont envy the mods or devs on this one, since this is more open for interpretation than the above two examples. but even if they stuck firm to the first two examples, youd see a cut down in useless and inflamatory posts instantly, and youd also see a huge cut down in trolls signing up for no other reason than to stir the pot.
  13. for some reason, thats what came to mind when i saw him posting so frequently. sorta like one last farewell to the forumers.
  14. its not a stretch to assume it could have been modified. just think of the millennium falcon. the original "stock light freighter" before modified didnt have dual gun turrets, didnt have those hidden storage compartments, and if i recall, could only sit 2 in the ****pit, rather than the modified 4 seater than han solo owns. perhaps thats just assumptions on my behalf, but there is precedent in the star wars universe for people modifying their spaceships to their own needs, and perhaps the mandalorians needed their shuttle to accomodate more than just one person and modified it accordingly.
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