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  1. No, the 8/14/14/8/14/14 is only an intermediate step, a kind of baseline or common denominator for certain ways of making a powerful Consular. There remain 6 of the 30 creation points and they can be used for putting emphasis; one good way of spending them would be 8/14/15/8/16/14. There is no single 'best' way for selecting a Consular's attributes but several good ways that represent different trade-offs and that have different strengths. Yes. But remember, attractive high-grade implants that require 18 natural CON tend to become available only in the second half of the game, and even the middling 16-CON implants usually don't start appearing before the teen levels. So the 18 CON is more a long-term goal, you can take your time about it. E.g. you could boost WIS at level 4 and 8, CON at 12/16/20, WIS at 24/28. The early WIS boost (lvl 4/;) gives you the most bang for your buck but the rest is pretty much a wash; at this point it is impossible to say which equipment you'll have and which other attribute boosts (e.g. mastery), and these factors can make it desirable to switch the order of attribute increases around a little, in order to even out odd attribute values. Yes, that would be a very good idea. Without Lightsabre Finesse DEX only contributes to defense and you would have to equip STR-boosting items in order to hit tougher enemies with the sabre reliably. If you have the feat then any DEX boosts will increase both defense and lightsabre attack at the same time. The passive Battle Precognition power works in a similar fashion (it makes WIS contribute both to Force power and to defense), which is why it is so attractive for Consulars in particular. So, be nice to the last of the Handmaidens. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right...8/14/15/8/16/14 to start with...That sounds good :D Thanks for the help! The only thing i need to worry about now is Which face i should choose Edit: Which skills exept persuade is good for a consular?
  2. You sure know alot... so i should start with 8/14/14/8/14/14?? and then put points in con so it reach 18, and the rest into wis?? And i have anther question too...Should i give him the Lightsaber finesse feat?
  3. Wis and Char, are the most important attributes, but what is most important of Con and Dex for a consular? Should i have high Wis, Char and Dex or high Wis, Char and Con?
  4. So Constitution, Wisdom and Charisma are the most important attributes for consular? Could you tell me what you think(exactly) how the attributes should be like when i start?
  5. I have planned to make a consular character... Can anybody give me any suggestions on starting attributes? and Which attributes should i spend points on later??
  6. I'm currently level 23 or was it 24... well anyway..i found a Grey Jedi robe...but that wasen't really cool..i still hope to find a Dark Jedi Knight robe...
  7. I tried that, i saved before i talked with him...and i reloaded 30+ times, still, he only got Padawan robe, Dark padawan robe, jedi robe, dark jedi rombe, and the green one(forgot it's name).
  8. Random...i hate that. I've been looking for a VERY long time, and i haven't found one.
  9. Where can i find Dark Jedi Knight Robe? or a Dark Jedi Master Robe?
  10. Ok..but still i'm unsure ..now or wait for level 25...
  11. Well it's not difficult to become level 50...one of my friends killed mosters in a tomb in korriban, every time you enters the jedi's corpse one more creature appears. then, Kill them all!
  12. Well if i don't loose any feats if i become Weapon master i'll do that...though i wonder why the class change it so early, you can become level 50..so class change should be when you where level 25...
  13. I have become level 15, and kreia wants me to become a Jedi Watchman, Jedi Master or Jedi Weapon Master. Can i wait? SHOULD i wait? If it is possible to wait i think i will wait to level 25...do i loose any feats or posers if i become Weapon master now/Later?
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