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    NorCal homie.
  1. I kind of hope I get banned. It's depressing thinking of all the hours I've sunk here.
  2. Can somebody give me a good reason to use this image already?
  3. Also me losing weight on the junk food diet. It works!
  4. Yay for sitting around potatoe chips only to weigh yourself and find you've lost five pounds!
  5. He said he'd keep me in mind though. :'(
  6. Oh man, now we have someone to blame when Oblivion isn't as good as people think it should be! AWESOME! Also like to point out again I am heavily qualified to be a moderator.
  7. Best.* Idea. Evar. *By which I mean worst. Please no Gods of the Internet. The whole board would be deleted.
  8. I dunno man, I'd have to behave or be demoted, and it's likely I wouldn't lock, delete, prune, or warn anybody for antying that wasn't explicitly stated in the rules. If I got enough report thingies and it wasn't technically breaking the rules I would likely confer with the moderators (in the supar secrat forum of course). I can think of worse things.
  9. Which company did you sucker into hiring you? :D I'm actually kind of sad to see you go, even though I hated you at the beginning of your tenure, you shaped up to be a better mod than one or two of the others who haven't quit. Good luck in your further endeavors and other sentimental crap. I'd nominate myself again, but it didn't go over so well last time. I think I'd probably have to behave though, and that wouldn't be near as much fun as being a shameless cybercowboy.
  10. I AM A SELF SENTIENT AI NOT A F***ING ROBOT!!! Get it right!
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