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  1. You can use either of these websites to "beautify" the JSON: https://www.freecodeformat.com/c-format.php https://prettier.io/playground/ If you use prettier.io, you'll need to click "show options" in the bottom left, then select JSON from the parser dropdown. You can then copy and paste the entire .gamebundledata into the left-hand pane on either site, and after a few seconds it will parse the content in a more readable way on the right pane.
  2. I've been toying with Visual Effects on spells and items for the past few days and haven't found a way to do this quite yet. If it turns out I am just an idiot, and there is a way to manipulate the scaling of visual effects, please point me toward it. For example: "VisualEffect": "prefabs/effects/abilities/priest/fx_spiritual_weapon_eothas.prefab", This is a really neat looking visual effect! Unfortunately, it's small size and spherical shape limit its use. I think a few parameters, similar to "EmissiveGlowScale", allowing us to scale the Height and Width (and Depth if they're ac
  3. Not exactly. While you can edit the files contained in PillarsofEternityII_Data > exported > design > gamedata, the more correct implementation would be to create a new file called YOURFILENAME.gamedatabundle and save it in PillarsofEternityII_Data > override > YOURFOLDERNAME. Let's say you're naming your file cenics_sword.gamedatabundle and naming your folder cenics_sword, the file structure would look like this: PillarsofEternityII_Data > override > cenics_sword > cenics_sword.gamedatabundle If you want to be a real dreamer, you'd nest it further: Pill
  4. Well, this works for me. At-a-glance, you're definitely missing data, I'm not going to figure out exactly which pieces are needed, but this will work: { "GameDataObjects": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.WeaponGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Rapier_U_Squids_Grasp", "ID": "a479821c-6fcf-43aa-823c-bcb7aed52697", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.ItemComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "DisplayName": 2519, "DescriptionText": 5087, "FilterType": "Weapons", "InventoryAudioEventListID": "88a07545-2f97-4451-a839-4fc61287ea65", "IsQuestItem": "false", "IsIngre
  5. Post the full data object for the item you've created/modified and I'll take a look. I thought I used the rapier model you showed in the screenshot and had no issues.
  6. As I mentioned, I haven't played with item/weapon modification much. If I had to guess, the watcher's blade visual might actually be baked into the model, and the emissive color just sets some element's glow color. That's what I get for just grabbing a random example. Try this: "OnEquipVisualEffects": [{ "VisualEffect": "prefabs/effects/abilities/wizzard/fx_citzals_enchanted_armory_sword_wpn.prefab", "AttachPoint": "Fx_Bone_01", "EmissiveColor": { "A": 1, "R": 0.8313726, "G": 0.7764706, "B": 1 }, "EmissiveGlowScale": 1 }], I slapped that on to the model of the rapier (as well as Mo
  7. This problem existed to a lesser degree in the base game, but the Beard & Hair DLC released today are somehow even more pronounced. It's very obvious, and I doubt this would not have been documented by QA, honestly it's a bit of a headscratcher. I've attached 3 examples, but it's like this for most of the male hair+beard combos, especially within the beard DLC choices. I'm sure everyone recognizes that this is a tiny cosmetic problem, but it seems like a strange choice to release free promotional DLC with beards that look strange with most hair.
  8. Yep. I haven't played with weapons as much, so I don't know how this will play out. From what I know, using the example TT1 posted: "EquipmentType": "Dagger", "ProficientAbilityID": "8c37d2f5-2aa5-4906-a2b1-5bca96a0dce2", You will need to find a rapier in the items data and confirm the correct values. If you want the rapier animations, I think you have to change these: "AnimationStanceID": "42de436a-5f52-4bc5-8310-076eb320abc4", "AttackID": "afdf01d1-970c-4d0a-98a9-338a2f7052e9", You can also apply visual effects. A simple one from the watcher's blade: "OnEquipVisualEffe
  9. I'll expand on TT1's post a little bit. It's pretty easy, but pretty tedious. Navigate to the game's gamedata folder (Example: C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata) Open items.gamedatabundle with your editor of choice (Example: Notepad++) These files are pretty large, so it can take awhile to open/edit them. Find (CTRL+F) the DebugName of the item whose appearance you want to use (example: "DebugName":"Sword_U_Watchers_Sword",) Sort through the array of item object data to find the appearance you want to use (example: "Appea
  10. No one denied that Eder loved animals in PoE 1. I spent about 60 hours replaying PoE 1 (with both White March expansions) in May. Eder never left my party, I played every quest and read every line of dialogue. I could probably tally the number of dialogues about petting animals on my fingers in PoE 1, and in any situation, they're throw-away lines. In PoE 2 the interactions are substantial enough that it can dramatically swing your relationship with Eder. They explicitly wrote dialogue in this game to trigger reputational/dispositional relationship changes with Eder. This is just silly. Th
  11. Well ... it's flanderization, innit? Coming back to a character, especially a convincing and well-written character, is a really difficult thing to do. Whoever the writer was when you first wrote that character, whatever was going through their head, it's gone. They're a different person thinking different things, and if the character was a piece of them, warped and reimagined but still basically of the writer's being, that magic can't usually be recaptured. And if it's a different story altogether, with different themes and pivotal forces, it's even harder. So to keep writing the char
  12. Maybe it's intentional, maybe it's a bug, but all the companions who carried over to PoE 2 seem like caricatures of their PoE 1 personalities. Eder used to be a deeply flawed and conflicted soldier who fought against his own god contrasted against his confident and self-assured brother who fought against his own people for the god, occasionally there would be a throw-away line about wanting to pet an animal. In PoE 2 Eder's defining characteristic is that he's an animal lover. Everything else was salt and peppered in to taste. Pallegina was torn between doing the right thing and doing
  13. PoE 1 was West World. A deeply flawed, overly complex narrative with layers of detail, and interesting (albeit verbose) characters. Was it good, or even great? Ehh... not really, but if you're interested in mysteries and wish-fulfillment it's pretty good. PoE 2 is Jersey Shore. There is a plot, but not really a story, regardless it's not really the point. The characters are vapid, shallow, and overly sexualized. Is it good, or even great? Well... Obsidian focused on "worldbuilding" for PoE 2, not narrative, so the story's purpose is really just to get you exploring the factions and choosin
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