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  1. No definately didnt own Perfect Dark. I know I had the Donkey Kong game because I found the expansion still in the machine. Been playing Majora's Mask . Fun , except for stabbing myself with the controller a couple of times. I think the four I mentioned and Donkey Kong are all of them. Wasnt much of a console gamer at that time.
  2. Two I prefered watching someone else play. Three I found quite engaging.
  3. That makes no sense. Britains always produced good soldiers. Quite an established record of conflict too.
  4. I found my N64. Golden Eye edition with the gold controller. Only found three games (Ocarina of Time is missing but I've got the Master Quest version). Golden Eye Majora's Mask Pokemon Stadium
  5. Only because no one got in their way. If you were between the boar and where it wanted to go you would be in trouble.
  6. 512MB of flash memory or some sort of memory card. Games are quite small.
  7. Would you like to swing on a star Carry moonbeams home in a jar And be better off than you are Or would you rather be a mule? A mule is an animal with long funny ears Kicks up at anything he hears His back is brawny but his brain is weak He's just plain stupid with a stubborn streak And by the way, if you hate to go to school You may grow up to be a mule Or would you like to swing on a star Carry moonbeams home in a jar And be better off than you are Or would you rather be a pig? A pig is an animal with dirt on his face His shoes are a terrible disgrace He has no manne
  8. Boars are nasty creatures. Thats why there is a crosspiece on a boarspear.
  9. It wont be quite that extreme because only a few conversations will have that many options. It's still enough to make it worth avoiding though especially when every line has to voiced. Which is why I either want them significant but very dead. Or just off doing something else and nothing to do with the story.
  10. If you video taped yourself playing Wii I bet you would look like a prat.
  11. It wasnt a total breakdown in social control. Otherwise people would not have gathered waiting to be rescued. It was however an indication in what would happen if people did have to compete for limited supplies. Why do you thing nukes have so many failsafes in place.
  12. That is nurture. We are raised to believe killing is wrong. The millitary training then has to overcome that conditioning. Part of the reason they started to use realistic targets is to blur that line between shooting a target and shooting a person. It's threat - response. Not threat - think about morality of killing - response.
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