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  1. already fixed it. As is with most game issues, and it's not always the fault of the designers(they can't make everything detailed like in the comics or novels or whatever) they will be changed to fit their more continuty look. Mandalore appears in 8. His armor is mostly a combined, yet modified version of both the TOTJ armor and the KOTOR 2 armor. The helmet is a combination of the regular style Neo-crusader warrior, with the original Mask(this time a gold color) connected to the face area. Hear I'll show you. http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/preview.p...heid=12-894&p=1
  2. If your a fan of KOTOR, but not of the comics, well you might want to pick this one up just to have the story of the 3 sector assualt by the Mandalorians. Even more good for me, and this is for those who have a problem with the Lobster Basilisk War Droid. The artist took a nice little shot at Obsidian. In the comic a Basilisk War Droid, not that piece of crap from the game, the real Basilisk War Droid from the comics rips off the canopy of one of the Republic fighters(game version). Ha,ha, told you people the Basilisk War Droids were already sealed into continuity. Comics now prove it. Oh, but wait, their no Virago in the comic to be seen. Oh, well.
  3. http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/preview.p...heid=12-894&p=1 Feast your eyes on the first glimps of the Mandalorian Wars.
  4. Mandalore Why, it's the damn home of the Mandalorians. That's all the reason I'll ever need.
  5. My ideas Planets: Mandalore, Coruscant, Alderaan, Unknown Region World, Unknown Region sith World, Cathar, Arkania, Races: Bothans, Feeorin, Togorian, Massassi, Story: Just something epic and something that has the Star Wars feel. A good ending.
  6. fraid not. LFL or Lucas Arts decision when coming to games is not always EQUAL. As it with the Basilisk. The Virago is just a place holder, much like the Valley of the Dark Lords in both games. then again, I'm the one who should be saying, bla,bla, bla. Because you have no idea what your talking about in terms of continuity.
  7. Yes, clearly you know nothing of Star Wars continuity. What is in a game is not always continuity. Stuff like game mechanics and designs for things. Oh, and I'm sorry to say but Guides do hold more power over games in the department of already established continuity, as is with the Basilisk. Every source that has come out since the game, has the BEAST, and every source from the future on will have the beast. LFL might have agreed with the Basilisk model for the game, but that doesn't mean anything to continuity. Clearly continuity is sticking with the Beast, because that is what the Basilisk War Droid is. Taris in the KOTOR comics doesn't look like the one in the game. The Valley of the Dark Lords in both games is not the actual Valley. The Valley is how you see it in the comics. However there was an artist for the KOTOR comic in tales who actually made bits of the game version continuity. However it was tweaked to fit more in line for the actual continuity verson. For instance the comic makes a brand new version of Sadows tomb, which would be more accurate for the EU. Thus that version holds more then the one in the game. Clearly you will disagree, but I know I'm right. I shall enjoy laughing at your rebuke.
  8. The continuity form is a beast looking droid. The game stole a ships from other EU material for use in the game, because they thought the beast form looked stupid. However continuity still goes with the Beast form. Even as much as continuieing to have it's version again in the New Essential Guide to Droids. Not even a mention of a possible version of the one in KOTOR 2 is found in the article in the book for the Basilisk. And a fact for those who want to know more about Basilisk. The Mandalorians love their Basilisk so much, that if one is banged up to where is can't be repaired the Mandalorians will have funeral for it, and then send it off in to the systems son.
  9. Some new information came out of the new essential guide to droids. Well not new, but ti made some things offical. I'm sure to all present the biggest and most pleasant piece of news for most will be that the cutscene involving Hk-47 and Goto on Malachor is now apart of the EU continuity. HK's article says what pretty much we know of the cutscene. That HK and the 50's betrayed and destroyed Goto. On the other hand, according to the parts of the book involving T3 and HK, it mentions that the offical gender for the Exile is indeed female. and as a personal, final victory for me. The basilisk War Droid is apart of the book, and as always in continuity it's in it's proper form as a beast. Making it the offical version. Sorry to the haters. Please when replying call the beast, ad lobster thing, or say how stupid it looks, so that I might soak it up with the smell of Victory.
  10. They aren't. The Original Mandalorians were a grey skinned species. During the Mandalorian Wars, Mandalore the Ultimate recruited many other races into the Mandalorians in order to have a greater army for the war. Humans were the most numerous of these recruits. When most of the Original Mando's died during hte War, the Humans and what ever other species continuied the traditions set forth by the Mandalorian species.
  11. The symbol itself looks like the same symbol Mandalore the Indomitable had on his armor. So it must be some kind traditional Mandalorian tatoo that the crusaders wear.
  12. Actually The Bantha Skull emblem really wasn't of a Bantha. It was the skull of a great Mandalorian Training master known as Jaing. He didn't die until sometime before the New Sith Wars. It was after his death that the Mandalorians began to wear his symbol in honor of him. Boba wasn't the first.
  13. So your saying that The Sith War, Jedi Civil and about a thousand other brush conficts didn't cound because the government reformed? That sounds like saying that the Revolutionary war (american) didn't count because we had to rebuild washington DC after the War of 1812 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What are you talking about? Of course they count, but all those wars happened before the reformation of the Republic after the last Galactic War in the New Sith Wars. The Republic wasn't hurt terribly in any of those other wars. There was no a full scale war during the 1000 years between the NSW's and TPM.
  14. Can't really claim anything since it was all made offical by LFL. What you say I claimed was that the Old Republic was REFORMED after the New Sith Wars. I never said it was a different government.
  15. I think the problem lies in the question "what is the Old Republic?" Because, correct me if I am wrong but, continuity-wise, there is only the Old Republic, Galactic Empire (movie era) and New Republic (post-movie, Vong era). In a sense, the demise of Bane gave way to a "new Republic" but that term cannot be used because it is already in use. I think, eventually, we will see constructs such as 1st Republic, 2nd Republic, etc. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was just a reforming of the Old Republic. the New Republic was an entirely different structure, as was the Empire, Alliance of Free Planets, and Galactic Alliance of Free Planets. When the Old Republic was reformed it was still the same governement with a Chancellor and everything. Thus it's still the Old Republic.
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