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  1. I had a glitch like that on the Ravager on xbox version; All the characters were beheaded and could not move. I just reloaded and it was gone.
  2. Don't think that I'm ignorant or stupid but I really had no idea that I was Revan; so it really was a jaw dropping moment for me when Malak told me. IMO they did a pretty good job. :cool:
  3. I just think that they should make some kind of appearance and play a major role in the story IMO.
  4. How I hate a product to be rushed. We end up losing something favorable. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ha,Ha
  5. I understand this too, but it may still be possible. I disagree, current storyarch needs Revan and Exile to be in Kotor 3 in some sort of major role. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes!!!! Revan and Exile need to play a big role! Whether its through cutscenes or what just remember this: On Peragus you set Revans alignment and gender talking to Atton- You could do the same in KotorIII with one of the characters in your party or a NPC. So it is perfectly plausible to set thier alignment and gender!
  6. I like Peragus. It is unique and it is a good warmup for the player. :cool:
  7. I would really like to see Revan and the Exile again and see that story arc put together and finished. It would just be so satisfying to see what became of them and actually interact with them. What about you guys?
  8. Well that could be a good plot but I would really like to see Revan and The Exile again. Just my opinion though.
  9. Unpredictable NPCs. It's odd if you're playing the Dark Side and you go about killing innocent people that you're lightside companions just sit there and say "Why!". They should be obliged to attack you there and then not at the end of the game. It would be interesting if NPCs actually tried to betray you or something. Perhaps some will leave your party for personal reasons or others will die defending you or something. Influence should also play a large role in whether or not companions will betray, defect to another cause/alignment, leave, die or remain loayal to you as well. {Quote from Ter
  10. I agree with starting out on coruscant and probably corellia. You could visit a number of different planets old and new and I definetely think you should end on a "True Sith" homeworld. :cool:
  11. I play lightside first to get the most out of characters party members etc... Then I play darkside to experience the other side and have a little fun like telling people to shut up or they'll die.
  12. Revan was just such a huge character with so much story behind him. Exile was a good character but he lacked huge importance until towards the end of kotor2.
  13. Either way i still think it was a pretty good game.
  14. I think that After you killed kriea a.k.a. Darth Traya it would have been cool if: DS ending- A masked Revan comes out of the shadows and signals to you to come with him and you both leave in some kind of ship. LS ending- Bastila comes out of the shadows and says for you to come with her {maybe to the unknown regions} and you both leave in some kind of ship.
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