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  1. Think about it... If reven walked throught there then it has ds energy in it making the crystals red
  2. Terlyn you get ls points Tolas you get ls points Gormo you get ls points Sakarie you get ds points and Xaart you get ls points
  3. these are the crystals Rubat dam +1 Attk +1 Jenraux dam +1 Blaster Bolt deflection +5 Diamind Attk +3 Phond Dam +1-6 physical Eralam dam +2 Attk +2 Sapith dam +3 attk +2 Nextor Dam +1 critical threat range x2 Opila Dam +3 Massive criticals +2-12 Firkrann dam +2-12 vs. droids attk +2 Bondar On hit: stun, 25% for 6 seconds Dc 10 to negate Stun Sigil Dam +1-6 attk +1 Upari Dam +1-8 Attk +3 Solari Dam +3, +1-8 physical vs. dark side Attk +3 can only be used by ls jedi Adegan Dam +2 Ruusan Wis +1 Cha +1 Dragite dam +1 sonic con +1 velmorite Keen Dex +1 Kasha attk +1 Wis +2 Stygium Attk +1 Dex +1 Stealth +4 Ponite dam +1-10 cold Cha +2 Ultima pearl dam +2 Attk +3 Massive criticals +1-6 Lorrdian Gemstone Blaster bolt deflection +3 Barab ore Ingot dam +2-16 fire Ankarres Sapphire Str +2 Dex +1 Regeneration +2 Keen Kaiburr Wis +3 Con +3 Regeneration +3 Qixoni Dam +5 Regenerate fore points +1 can only be used by ds sith Only Say the favorite that you have GOTTEN
  4. It's a UTG MP5. A crappy gun. Plastic gearbox, it'll strip fast. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Uh no its not. i got it like 2 months ago and ive used it alot. It is NOT a crappy gun.
  5. Thread necromancy?!?!?!?! What means you by this Oh and im a guy so technically i cant be a witch
  6. I have a nice gun but i forgot wut it was and i lost box so i cant look but if you have seen the movie swat it looks just like the guns in the begging. it is electric operated and it can shoot 9 rounds a second. It can shoot up to 40 yrds away depending on wind. Its Awsome!!! :cool:
  7. I really HATE peragus! There are too many droids for too low a lvl. I got through it but there were waaay too many droids. Also there wasnt any people so it made me feel cold, alone and the first time i played peragus, nervous. :'(
  8. i prefer force-melee just because u can heal and do long ranged damage if you dont like blasters
  9. i like single cyan and double violet
  10. here are 4 pretty cool alien species that i found on google images. Draethos Kaleesh Kel Dor Massassi if you have heard of any cool alien species plz post them
  11. ya i'll look for some more things and ill let you know :cool:
  12. It was sooooooo boring !!! I didnt like k1's ending either.
  13. no doubt a dark side artifact. perhaps the dark reaper i think. If you got the Tetris/Star Wars Clone Wars Game with your x-box (if you have 1) the last lvl you have to destroy something that looks exactly like what the death reaper is on your link srry quote didnt work
  14. Less and faster loading!!!!!!! There was so much loading that by the time my mom said to stop playing i had only talked to a few people (exageration)
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