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  1. I've just reinstalled TSL after a really long time and my new PC is running on Windows 7. Everything went fine during the installation and I even maned to install the TSL RC patch. Aside from some small problems regarding the resolution the only glitch is that sometimes dialogues go too fast (making impossible to read) and without any sound. Any thoughts??? Is TSL running on your Win7 PC?? Problems? Solutions? Let's gather them here!
  2. No open ended for me, I like such games to have a cinematic appeal... I dont know but couldnt we get a Kotor like game by having Luke Skywalker after the ending of ep 6 for the next couple of years?
  3. Still no word if it is ever gonna be released on the PC?? Damn one more reason to buy a PS3.....
  4. What Force Shock, you simply use Force Ligtning and you cut your enemies down like butter, especially if you are a Sith Lord
  5. I think than the likes or Revan, Exile and Jaden Korr should be left aside is such discussions. All of them were video-game characters and as such they are overpowered for the shake of the gameplay.
  6. She was a Jedi Knight as well by then...
  7. I would be really funny if in K3 Revan and Exile were long dead. Having their asses kicked by the "true" Sith. What would the funboys say then?
  8. Which is the old Sith order? You mean Palpy? As far as I known he was the only Sith to gain control of the whole galaxy (well almost). But that doesnt neccessarily mean that he was strongest, just smarter. Power is nothing without control.
  9. I do believe that the exile was healing throughout the game, simply by having other around him does not mean he borrows their force, but simply he can touch it without opening his "wound" too much. If she follows the Jedi path then she heals, and that healing is amlost complete by the time she goes to Dantoine to meet the masters. In the case she is a Sith she will eventualy become like Nihulus. Feeding of the Force of others.
  10. Chad Vader rules, cant wait for the second season.
  11. why cant he download the first disc? He already has bought the game....he can have a copy of it if he wants, its legal to do so, as long as its for personal use.
  12. Yes but then again in KOTOR lightsabers didnt function as they should. Lioghtsber doesnt cause damage it cuts and kills. (blocks blasters as well) In order to defeat a Jedi you need many gunners at them and u need to take them by surprize. So yeah if you are a blaster character against a dark lord your royaly screwed. End of story.
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