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  1. *waves to Archie* I still have an active subscription to SWTOR and really loved it, though I haven't played it in a while. It is NOT KOTOR 3 in any way, though. But, as someone who does enjoy MMO's it's its own kind of fun. Huttball is absolute genius as far as pvp games goes and is a blast to play with a halfway decent team. But I still yearn for what could have been. Just read the Revan book and was really annoyed by how one dimensional they made the Exile, and yes, I have read a lot of fan fiction that was written just as well (if not better) and was much more satisfying. The
  2. Anything is viable end game. The game is very easy and the exile is very overpowered by the end. Even full light side, force storm took care of everyone in the room. The last fight might give you a little trouble, but you'll probably figure it out. Play it however you'll have fun with it.
  3. I finished reading the book on Saturday and have been trying to find a place to complain about it ever since. I should have thought of these boards sooner! Not being a huge Revan fan, I found the way his story was handled to be pretty well done. They gave him some personality, delved into his relationship with Bastila and Canderous and told a decent story. Though... I've read just as good (and a lot more satisfying) fan fiction. As far as the Exile goes, though... I wish they'd not bothered. She was a prop. She lacked personality, motivation or ANY sort of non-generic Jedi cooki
  4. I thought Mrs. Petrelli had visions / dreams about the future? And the way she implied that she was surprised he survived left me with the distinct feeling that *something* wasn't quite right. Perhaps the incident referenced is like the apartment fire that "killed" Claire's birth mom. Actually caused by the hunter himself and the reason why 1) he survived and 2) is so hell bent on taking out everyone with any special powers. I get the impression that Sylar *could* take someone's powers without killing them if he were inclined to, but it takes a lot more work and time to do so. Since
  5. Well, I guess Sylar's on a mission now. No more small game for him... woot! It'll be nice to see him whoop up on some bad guys... And I still want to know what the hunter's power is... Mrs. Petrelli seemed to have some idea.
  6. Damn, I'm such a geek. That trailer made me giddy...
  7. Wait, what? No way. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to call bull**** on that. Firstly on the whole idea of there even being a "proper response" to anything in a relationship like it's some sort of test or science, secondly on your baseless assumption that Wals for some reason projected his own feelings upon his ladyfriend, thirdly upon the apparent (whether meant or not) implication that the situation where a woman would need such space is impossible (whereas I know from experience that it is not), and finally upon the notion that preemptively kissing ass was the correct course which (even
  8. As a girl, I can kind of see where having just spent a week with someone and then not hearing from them for four days could be kind of upsetting... The proper response in that situation would not be to apply your own feelings on her "probably had enough of me" but rather to call and say, "I got used to you being here... I miss you..." Clearly, though, you had gotten enough of her and she had probably picked up on that before she'd even left your house, and then you didn't call, giving her four days to stew on the fact that you were clearly tired of her. Now... if she's sane, she may be a
  9. Last night's episode was great. I loved seeing Sawyer morph into the responsible leader type. At the end, my kids kept saying he looked different... and I had to point out that he was *happy*. Though now that they've lived there for three years, and presumably had a way to leave the island if they'd wanted to, I wonder just how interested they are in returning to their own time. I can't believe we have to wait two weeks for the next one.... bah.
  10. Last night's episode wasn't too bad. I'm more convinced than ever that Noah is Rebel... but then again with all the hacking and such I suppose it could be Nikki's kid (Micah?) as well. I do still wish they'd quit with the multiple timeline reboots and bringing multiple people back from the dead... (I'm pretty damn sure that the puppetteer guy died at the end of last season... didn't he?)... and I'd like for Peter to be able to retain at least a few powers at a time... and Matt needs to stop making the weird face when he's "concentrating"... and Claire needs to stop falling for every you
  11. I watched a lot of movies at home this weekend, but the main one worth mentioning is Two Mules for Sister Sarah. I adore that movie. I was watching it a long time ago, when my kids were a lot younger and when I was playing Red Dead Revolver on my xbox. I tried to get my daughter to notice the similarities between the game and the movie, and she was completely clueless. Later my son, who is a few years younger than his sister walked in stared at the tv for about 2 minutes and asked, "Is this Red Dead Revolver?" :D
  12. I was a little bit disappointed in the episode... not because it wasn't awesome, it was, but because I'm definitely ready for the story to move forward and the backstory / exposition in this one sort upset the flow for me. On it's own, the episode was really great. I was really surprised to see Abbaddon die, for some reason, I had the impression he was immortal, much like Richard... I think my general theory is that Abbaddon and Alpert are "angels" both working for different sides. The dark skinned "angel" being evil is too obvious and I've always gotten a really sleazy vibe from Richa
  13. I also agree that replacing a toilet is easy. I've done it a few times myself. Carrying an old nasty toilet down the stairs isn't so fun, but definitely waaaaay cheaper than hiring someone.
  14. Idiocracy I had recorded it off Comedy Central over the weekend and it was somewhat cleaned up and probably massively edited, but it was still pretty funny. Makes me want to see an unedited version, though.
  15. I'd say it was mostly Evangeline's acting... blech! She was pretty good when she was playing her cover personality, always keeping the real "Kate" hidden, but ready to kick someone's head in if they got in her way. But once she stopped being the fugitive it's like the character lost all definition. She really can't act for crap. I never, for one second, bought her as a mother on any level and while I liked her for the first couple of seasons, she's just been degraded into this always unhappy whiney, annoying thing. I get what you're saying a little about the stalling... but I think
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