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  1. So now rather than Obsidian may be gutted/no more because of one under performing game, or subject to some of the more ruthless publishers out there. There is a chance that M$(semi-ruthless) might end them after 2-3 games.. Of all the big publishers, Microsoft is actually one of the better ones. In fact if Obsidian had to be bought by one, I would of thought M$ was one of the better matches. I mean come on, they both like to release buggy products.
  2. I have it unfortunately my desktop decided to blow a motherboard and I can't play the latest versions. But the early versions I played were quite promising.
  3. I really enjoyed Consortium, but it's quite short. And that's putting it kindly. Still if you don't mind short games its worth the purchase.
  4. LOL just got this from who I believe is Monte, I guess he opened it? My virus scanner blocked it, but changed my password just in case. Still can't believe I clicked on it.
  5. I'm pretty sure I've got dummer over the years because Elite seems bloody hard. Or I just suck using K&M controls. Probably a bit of both, but enjoying it immensely.
  6. Deus Ex is a better RPG than most 'pure rpgs', in just about every facet. Such games are games with RPG elements, not an RPG By what definition? Because the original RPG's were turn based(PnP), that means anything not turn based is not an RPG.
  7. Alas what happens Bruce when those terms don't share your views? This track of thought that we need people to decide for us what to and not play is a slippery slope to bad bad things. Things change, everthing is in motion, nothing stays the same etc etc. I was disappointed that Steam bowed to public pressure and pulled Hatred. But now I can vote "Yes" And then proceed to buy the game.
  8. A little disappointing that they need to kickstart another title. Would of hoped that they sold enough to make more without it. Still I'll be backing this straight away,
  9. Deus Ex is a better RPG than most 'pure rpgs', in just about every facet.
  10. So I've finished it. 54 hours, but didn't do anywhere near all the quest, didn't see the point as most were uninteresting. A good enjoyable game, just not great. +The game has fantastic graphics +The game is huge +Enjoyable exploration +Enjoyed the NPCs overall (Iron Bull, Solas, Dorian) +Wraped up some themes from the series +Enjoyed the expanding of the inquisition (keeps,camps etc) +Sitting on the throne passing judgement +Skyhold +Interesting decisions when it comes to story quests (would be dependant on keep choices though, and how much you've taken in from previous games.
  11. Got to love VPNs. Only thing is I'm a bit worried about Twitch banhammering me for streaming DA3 before it's actually unlockable in the US of A. does that break game's EULA? if not, you are fine IMO EA doesn't care. Twitch might. Really? I guess look at their terms of service and say if it mentions anything about VPNs or early release streaming. I know Steam 'can' ban your account for using VPN but they are the only ones I've heard of. I can't imagine Twitch doing anything unless EA were to complain, given EA doesn't care about people using VPNs, I doubt they
  12. Backers must be a bit annoyed. Son of a *****. Was very much looking forward to this. And as a backer very annoyed. Now that is just depressing. After X-Stillbirth and SC MMO, this was the last bet for a great SP space sim.
  13. That would be an improvement. Anyone else find it amusing that reviews are complaining about the story of DA:I? Where were these complaints about ME2, ME3, DA2 and yes DA:O? And does this possibly mean I will like DA:I story? Also spoilers the villain is: I doubt it, their standards are likely to be far lower than yours. Now that is a sad thought. Lower standards than me.
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