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  1. I have a virus scanner(MalwareBytes) but only the regular version so it only scans when I manually tell it to
  2. I've originally played the game when it came out and now I've come back to play the White March, but every time I open the game either some or all of the save files don't appear int the load menu Note: I've originally installed the game with GOG and now I've reinstalled it with GOG Galaxy I've already found the following solution on the forum and it doesn't work for me:
  3. I would like them to make another new IP, preferably a space opera
  4. I just got into Defiance bay so far I haven't seen much reaction to that weird growth on my head, does that change in the future?
  5. Update: I installed Malware bytes and it didn't work' I initiated a system restore and re installed it and now it's working. Any additional advice would be welcome
  6. the message reads: Hi bro you need it? (and then a certein link which I won't post here) once I clicked on the link it downloaded something(a PNG file that asked me to install it when I tried to open it) on my computer, then I checked and saw my friend also received a similar message I proceeded to change my password, delete the file and reset steamguard does anyone know what it means? should I be worried?
  7. 500 million dollars and all they can manage is a barely above averege, generic shooter
  8. I need it to install windows 7 I looked at the boot menu and no such option is available any help would be appreciated
  9. They said that winter 2014 is when the money is going to run out watch from 19:10
  10. Just saw this interview and at 0:42- 0:44 we see a level that looks very detailed(especially the house) for just collision purposes sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't been on these forums for a while
  11. Just voicing my concerns Obsidian is my favourite developer and I don't want them to go the same way as other good developers who where baught by the big publishers "cough" Bioware "cough" hopefully I didn't sound too paranoid / angsty
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