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  1. And my team is already circling the basement in the standings after two games. And two thirds of the top line are injured already! Go Oilers! I'm going to my first ever NHL game on Friday. It's quite sad, being a Canadian and all.
  2. I disagree, good sir. I did a binge watch of the first four seasons over the past two weeks and I must say I really enjoyed the show. And I detest lawyer shows.
  3. We flew into Newark last night on our way to Antigua. It wasn't that miserable. The Winter Soldier trailer was awesome.
  4. Volo is right on most points. Our superstar kid players don't want to play defense. Possibly the softest D corps in the league. The only gritty player on the back end was traded away for prospects. A coach completely in over his head. And too arrogant to see, despite a 4-13-2 record, that his system isn't working. Tonight he placed the worst faceoff man on the team on the draw in the dying seconds of the game while behind a goal. While the one true ace centerman they have rides the pine. And if you're going to bring in a new coach with a new system, let him bring in his own assistants. Or keep successful ones. Charlie Huddy was an awesome D coach. So they fired him. Last season the team showed incredible improvements on both the PK and PP. A huge regression this season with the new system. This is just a sample of the on ice problems. Management and executives are the root of most evil in this organization. I don't even know what Kevin Lowes' title is anymore, but he flat out sucks at what he's been doing. Aside from striking gold in 2006 with Pronger and Peca, he has utterly failed at every step of the way as a GM and now the big chief. He's pissed of most of the GMs in the league, alienated a fan base with his entitled attitude, and has most free agents laughing at coming to the city. Only in Edmonton can a guy fail in his job so completely and still have one. Not counting politicians. Also, hi!
  5. I really liked the first two Wild Card books. All momentum for the series died in book 3, to me at least. I just started The Shadow Rising. I'm liking the WOT series so far, but have trouble keeping track of some of the minor characters.
  6. I saw the trailer. It looked like a lot of fun. In space. I know next to nothing about these characters, which I think will make it more enjoyable. I'll reserve judgement on Affleck until I've seen the film. I hope he goes all cantankerous Batman on that young(er) whippersnapper.
  7. I've caught the first two episodes of that as well. Jon Voights character is creepy. Finished a rewatch of Carnivalé the other day. It never gets old.
  8. I knew it was going to be bad beforehand. I just didnt expect it to as boring as it was. Wolverine was better than the first. But all throughout the movie I wanted him to chop the mole off of that chicks face.
  9. Frailty was a solid film. I started to watch the latest GI Joe movie, but shut it off after half an hour because it was sooo bad.
  10. He's at his best when he's vulnerable. Like when Magneto took out his adamantium and then, for a little while before it went nutso, even his healing was reduced.That's what's good in this movie is the vulnerability. Even the part I mention in the spoiler is done well in that respect.Yep. I always hated Wolverine, and the only time I really dug any of his comic arcs was the point you mentioned. Then they ****ed it up by making him go cro-magnon feral. That being said, I'm off to go see the new Wolverine movie in an hour or so. I like how the film version doesn't seem quite so indestructible.
  11. All I can say for sure is that Jagr will get more points than Kovalchuk this season. In the NHL.
  12. I really enjoyed Kick Ass, and am looking forward to the sequel. I caught Signs on cable today. Why does the director make everyone act so wooden?
  13. You can't go wrong with Jagr. He'll be awesome showing the younger players what it takes to be successful at the NHL level. I'm wondering if Dustin Penner will be a beast this year if he gets reunited with Perry and Getzlaf. The schedule came out today. Only two months and change until hockey's back!
  14. I don't know if the timing will ever be right for the Dark Tower to make it to the screen. It's going to be expensive as ****. And Clint Eastwood is too old to play Roland. I finally watched season five of Fringe. Very well done, although the first few episodes were kind of meh. Now it's on to The Fall. You are still gorgeous, agent Scully.
  15. I'm in the parking lot of the theatre enjoying a smoke after watching Pacific Rim. It was good for a summer action flick. My only gripe is that all the battles were at night or underwater. Aside from that, I quite enjoyed it.
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