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  1. i guess burning battlefront is out of the question then...
  2. How can you make copies of Xbox games? Is there some sort of program to do so?
  3. (really sorry if there is a topic like this but I can't seem to find it!) What's your character build? My character's is: 10 STR 14 DEX 14 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 14 CHR
  4. Wow -K2 was extremely good compared to the first one. I'm not being sarcastic. I felt engaged in the conversation. -I especially liked it when the reciticle on a plasteel cylinder of another container displays, "Empty." -I really liked the Influence-system but I am a litttle disappointed because there aren't that many influence opportunities with some party members. Overall, K2 was a great game....Really liked it.
  5. Don't just have to ask the original owner of the Hawk?
  6. I agree. Beast Control is lame; why would you stun and run? That's weak. "
  7. Thanks Darkor. I'll try your strategy.
  8. I'm having a hard time defeating him. Any tips?
  9. 1) Kotor 1 had a lot of glitches. Once, I had to delete my game because of a Canderous and Jagi glitch. Not even autosave worked. Maybe K2 had more glithces, maybe it doesn't. I have experienced many gliches in K1 but there is a paucity in the number of bugs in TSL. 2) The Random Loot System is much better than the K1 system. RLS doubles replay value but there are fatuous people who do not realize that the K1 system was boring; dull. 1st game: Jedi Master Robes. 2nd game: Jedi Master Robes. 3rd game: Jedi Master Robes. Such things should change so that players can have fun whenever they ar
  10. Try these. Sorry if they don't help. Fundamental Philosophy Click here
  11. Why are you defending OE so much? They did make a great game content-wise but they completely dropped the ball in terms of overall product quality. THEY ARE AT FAULT AS MUCH AS LUCASARTS! Ever heard the expression ... sh*t rolls downhill? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OE: 18 months. Bioware: 3 years. Lucasfilms: Lucasarts, we need to make money. Lucasarts: I think its a great idea to release it before Christmas even though Obsidian's not done yet.
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