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    Well, of course Xbox is a pretty big interest, but I also love to act, read, build models, hang out with friends, and waste time online. Oh, golf is fun too. I'd like to know who would win in a fight, the Galactic Empire or the Covenant (from Halo).
  1. I was just wondering if anyone happened to have an mp3 of the jedi ruins music that you can listen to in the in-game menu? If you do, any chance you could send it to me by email or an IM program? I have AIM, MSN, and Yahoo. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Kate Beckinsale would be a better Bastila imho. Not saying that your choice is bad, i'd just rather have my dear Katie
  3. I think they should be allowed to love. However, do you really want a freshly dumped horomonal 18 year old running around w/ a lightsaber?... :D
  4. *hands Jivin more Force Resistant Bling* Resist the darkside, forever will it dominate your destiny...
  5. I was looking through my extensive collection of star wars books the other day, and started thinking back to all the different series. For exampe the Jedi Academy Trilogy, The Thrawn Trilogy, Rogue Squadron... I have to admit, Rogue Squadron was probably one of my favorites. Dang, I used to want to be an X-wing pilot so bad. I think the Wraith Squadron sub-series was my all time fav. Just curious what you guys think.
  6. I liked young Jedi knights a lot better than the Jedi Apprentice series. I guess it's an ok series, but generally speaking, i prefer classic star wars EU to that of the prequel variety. Just my personal preference.
  7. lol, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru= Tatooine Trailer Trash...I'll never be able to watch New Hope the same way again!!!
  8. I can see it now in kotor 3... I'm leveling up my character, and i'm cruising through the force powers. Somewhere between Force Kill and Force Drain is Force Perversion. Of course, it would probably be a dark side power.
  9. Sounds pretty good to me, but I'm so sick of shabby star wars games. Other than Kotor 1&2, there haven't been any lucasarts games in the past 5 years that i've actually liked. The last good one was X-wing alliance. That's what I'd like, another Xwing game, for xbox. Maybe Tie-fighter 2.
  10. I voted for "are you an angel" But if they had been on here, i would have voted for all those disgraceful puns by C3-PO in AOTC... "I'm beside myself" and "what a drag" among others...
  11. I've been wondering about that. Maybe they all just switched to basic (english) because it was more practical. I have no clue really.
  12. That whole sacrifice adds a lot to her character. I guess some people will write it off as her being to weak, and submissive, even to the point of suicide. I don't think that was the intention though.
  13. The only place i knew where to get them stopped hosting them. Legal issues of somekind. I think it was the same ol' lucasarts being like "what?! you're having fun for free!?" I don't get it, it's not like it's costing them money, they aren't selling the soundtrack!
  14. Hmmmm, I think someone needs to dig up an MP3 of it. No questions will be asked
  15. Visas, definately. The handmaiden isn't that tragic, yeah she kinda had a tough childhood. Sibling rivalry really sucks. However, I think Visas's story of having her whole homeworld wiped out, and then being taken as a slave by some really creepy dude who can't even talk, is a little more tragic. Of course I'm biased because I think Visas is pretty hot, and am not at all impressed by good ol' buzz-cut brianna.
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