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  1. lol, now THAT would have been classic either that or... "phew, it was all a dream!"
  2. God I hate Juhani... :ph34r:
  3. How would she be younger in a 3rd installment? I thought the logical choice for a 3rd game would be a step forward in the story? Either way, I too would like to see her return if there is a 3rd game... although I am not entirely fussed on how. Somehow though I highly doubt that she would be able to be romanced, especially by the Exile. The exile's time for character development was in K2. Don't get me wrong though, I thought that it was unfortunate that she wasnt a 'love' interest in K2 (all that tension!), which is why I hope she plays some part in any future KOTOR game... however I w
  4. I have only played through KOTOR2 as a Male... but when in that game I was the one and only.... Edwuado DeSilva!! Yarrghh!!
  5. I think they were insignificant... I am not sure exactly how that works (eg: what thy were doing on the Ebon Hawk), but they were lying dead in the same room as Kreia... nothing special I dont think? - Dan
  6. Yeah there is some dialogue afterwards too Yeti. Grab KOTOR Tool and open up '852sacri.dlg' for the dialogue file, or go to the 852sacri folder for the audio. This is one possible dialogue tree: Visas - {As she lies dying, doesn't have much time left.} Was... was it enough? Exile - Your sacrifice was enough. Visas - {Relieved} Ah... then at last... I can die. Will... you... will you stay... until...? Exile - I shall watch over you until death comes. Visas - I... I did not want to leave this life yet... it was weakness, but for you, I... I... {takes a breath, steadies herself} Vis
  7. I think a ragdoll physics engine and destroyable environments would add to the game in a similar way to how updating the graphics themselves would. That said, I would love to see both new graphics and the introduction of ragdoll physics, however fully destroyable environments is something I think isn't worth the development time it would take to impliment. A proper physics engine can add a lot to a game in subtle ways, and I definitely think it would be worth it. - Dan
  8. I understand where you are coming from totally, but you would probably be better off just doing as many forum searches as you can think of and just read the mountains of stuff already posted, and then if you have further more specific questions then post again and ask. I wanted to ask exactly the same question when I first joined up, and I basically did, and people were kind enough to help me out with some answers, but in hindsight its easy to see now how annoying it must be for established members to cover the same territory over and over and over again There its LOTS of great stuff
  9. Visas is a very complex character who a lot of people just brush off, but regardless I had always thought the love thing wasnt dependant on any force orientation, as it isnt force orientation that drew her to the exile in the first place. Her character has a significant story and she progresses a lot throughout the game andI thought the process of bring her back to the light side was definitely one of the cooler parts of the game for me, but without a doubt for such a complex character they definitely needed more dialogue. The love thing was cool I guess... but in most ways I would have r
  10. IIRC there was no mention of the True Sith in K1. I would say that at no stage of the development of K1 was a sequel determined; certainly Bioware weren't going to make it so they weren't too interested in adding costs to their build to add stuff that no-one could know was needed because the plot hadn't been worked out yet. The whole "Revan has gone to the Outer Rim" device was used to remove the character from the first game totally from the universe, so that the sequel could use the same universe and not run into Revan (and all the mess that would ensue to describe Revan / physicalit
  11. I suppose I had just assumed that he remembered the information he had found at the academy at Malachor V and Korriban. It is said that the academy there and the academy on Korriban lay on the borders of the True Sith empire (although it may not have been said like that, and I didnt mean it literally), and that the information held in these places that Revan visited would lead one to the True Sith (and maybe even reveal that they seek to bring war on the jedi/republic again soon?). So from my LSM game perspective he remembered such things and realised he had to go off to "fight them" or wh
  12. There should have been a "What the hang is Fable?" option - Dan
  13. Natalie Portman looked good in SWIII from the tiny bit ive seen of her in the previews. I dont always think she is 'hot' in other things, but in Star Wars (especially 2 and from the looks of it, 3) she works for me That Amy Allen is quite a good looking lady as well though. Is she a technical director or something? that got offered a spot playing a twilek? Her IMDB listing records some technical roles in movie making? - Dan
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