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  1. It's amazing the controversy this raises with people, over the "official" gender of the character. Maybe people just need some sort of certainty in their lives. Anyway, surely there should be a cannon face and appearance for the exile now that we know for certain she is female. Likewise wouldn't it make sense to take the same direction with Revan? Just a thought.
  2. These ClosedBetaTesters seem to be very thorough in their search for bugs. I think you would have to be paying very close attention to notice all the spelling mistakes in the subtitles.
  3. Can't really see how this would work. For a game series that is based on a continual story, how would MMORPG suit any type of continuation. I know it was done with the Final Fantasy series with FFXI, but that isn't a continual series. Also got to say I didn't bother with that one.
  4. Hmmm It was pretty long but why now? Another thing, can someone remind me why this topic isn't sticky anymore?
  5. That only means another week has passed. Don't get too excited.
  6. Voted Iron Butterfly accidentally, misread to be Iron Maiden. My favourite band is nowhere to be seen but that is understandable as you can't exactly type them all out. So if there was the option: RUSH
  7. I like FPS'rs and I frequently play on Call of Duty 1 and 2. Also got Counterstrike Source and all the HL2 gear. I use X-Fire for online gaming and I find it very efficient and useful, although I haven't really got many contacts on it. Maybe if anyone else interested in FPS'rs wanted to join up I'd be happy to get some gaming in.
  8. I love the Monkey Island games. but I agree that the latest 3D game was a real let down.
  9. If you wait for a lightsaber, it will be all the more sweet when you finally aquire one.
  10. Thats rather a cynical view wouldn't you say?
  11. Why are you having second thoughts then? You said you got a good deal and you know the presents are right for the people.
  12. I never expected Darth Vader was Luke's father. Not in a million years............
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