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  1. I lik eyour Idea Only thing is in Kotor 2 I ended up with an assload of Onassi blasters and one of them I got On the Damn Ship I know it sounds a little crazy but Finding Jolee Bindo's Belt on the Ravenger get's pretty Crappy because there is no way it could have gotten onthere I killed him on the Unknown planet or he went with me to the star forge and we saved the galaxy but there is no way he left it on the Ravenger because So the random GEnerator thing was cool but let's try to put some limits on it because really the lsa thing I want is to end up with 600 (over exageration) onassi blasters
  2. Well to be Quite Hones i believe Both reven and The exile (which never had a name and that Upsets me because the only name he got was a name you gave him so now everyone just calls him the exile) should be dead on the sith planet this would make the game very simple because 1 you would not have to deal with seeing reven and the exile in a way you never imagined them (unlike in K1 and 2 where you picked their appearence) and it won't matter what their alignment is because their dead adn that means you really need to watch out for those "true sith" because the just Kicked some Major Jedi tail it
  3. It's Obscene and no one would ever go for it especially for the age of gamers who actually find that amusing. like in fable you didn't see anything but they threw in the noises just so teenagers could get their kicks but really is it necessary for you to do "what you do" while playing a video game if so you alll need to get out of your parents basements and get jobs.
  4. with both of the terrible plot lines they've created so far what could they possibly think of next
  5. please tell me what you think and tell obsidian that they need to make a Realtime fighting RPG for starwars where you can kick the crap out of anything that crosses your path and they could add some things from kotor possibly character creation well any Ideas I know I shoul have put this on the Ideas and suggestion topic but I want to get A reall number estimate for who would be up for it.
  6. and another thing the tru sith are a race who lived long ago I don't know if anyone actually got that they were not really human they were different. look up a picture of Naga sadow does he look very human with his Red face or maybe even Ludo Kresh you really need to read more rather than watch movies and play games it help to read the history book before you see hollywoods perspective.
  7. I personally would like them to part ways with the whole Revan Exile bit and explore more places such as possibly 2000 years before Episode 1. I mean we only know what, post episode 1 and some pieces of history over 4000 years old, this means time to explore what the heck happened in between 4000 years and episode 1 (minus the jedi apprentice books) we need to make some kind of hisory that would make complete sense like why all those star systems would want to join hands and think about whats best for the galaxy as a whole. somebody give Ideas other than the dang revan story
  8. ok so here's the gig you would have to be a jedi but the fact that you could kill almost anythng and eveything in a real time fighting RPG like Fable. you would need to tweak it a little but hey I mean thats why they need I deas right just to get them started and to see how Awsome the game would be.
  9. A chick who can't see but through the force would be hot plus if she can't see it she can't complain.
  10. example: Darth Mendac the root word- Mendacious which means lying, false, decietful. Darth Treya- her real name is Kreia (or it may not be) the name is taken from (theoretically) the word Betrayer (one who betrays for those who don't know) which she does multiple times to multiple people. Also she states "there must always be a Darth Treya." meaning that it is possible that if she would have survived and tought other sith to be betrayers (she would have because it's in the sith nature to be always looking for power) than one of them would eventually take te mantle of Darth Treya and te
  11. I guess the understanding in this matter is what were the sith thinking when they chose their names nihilis is derived from the word Nihilism which is "a total rejection of established laws" andthe doctrine that states that all existing social, political, and economical institutions must be completely destroyed. the sithlord chooses the name which means that through episodes 4-6 no one living remebered a darth sidious not even yoda knew hm as that but they did know him as palpatine. plaugius was probably Taken from the word plauge which is a devistation of life (if I'm wrong email me). he saw
  12. I'l sum up what I said before 1.More indepth Character Creation (I.E. be an Alien or other species) 2. No jedi Class for the main character 3. more quests in which you do not use your character and Are forced to use characters That would otherwise go untouched. 4. different starting location (or first level) for different species 5. unique prestige classes 6. there is no #6
  13. first, why would they bring back revan or anybody else you made choices with it would suck which is the reason that in kotor 2 they gave you the choice to say what revan was DS or LS second, showingg revan and malak would be terrible because Then your choice for face design or anything else would be thrown out the window because Obsidian decided that this was how he looked so deal with it. I hate your Idea it blows big ones.
  14. Have any of you Ever even Played a real RPG such as the Starwars edition in which you can be more than just A jedi. I say down with the Jedi and sith make A game where the main character can't be a jedi or sith but rather some other form of Warrior and then branch it off from there such as if they choose to be a Scoundrel the prestige classes would be different than if someone chose to be a soldier. now I know everyone will get all huffy about no jedi or sith but during a glich in KOTOR 2 I ended up beating the game with mira the bounty hunter pretty cool huh! and who says you can't have party
  15. This doesn't work very well I still end up with a Retarded name Pe(t)ol(e) Ka(n)pe(t) I added parentheses For the Optional 3rd letter and Ever outcome is gay
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