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  1. You idiot you'd kill yourself with one of those plus you wouldnt be able to go stealth they could still hear it and then light up theres to find you
  2. Darth Revan, Darth Malak, Darth Sion, and Kreia all combined. I am a great strategist like Revan. I am cruel and at some times just an ass like Darth Malak. I cannot be stopped pretty much like Sion. And i am a liar and manipulator like Kreia. If i could choose any star wars character it would be emperor palpatine.
  3. This version is if you play on the light side. In my opinion you should be able to pick if you want to play on the light side or dark side at the beginning of the game and it would change the storyline and settings completely. The game should open up with a cinematic where Jedi Master Atton Rand (Same age as he was at the end of kotor2) is taking you (small child you design around the age of 1.5 or 2) from your home on Nar Shadaa and taking you to Jedi Academy on Coruscant. You then see cinematics of you learning the ways of the jedi (or sith if you chose the dark side at the beginning of
  4. Whats the book for the SW books after return of the jedi.
  5. The answers i put in the poll are based either on appearances or on personality. I'd have to say that Mara Jade and Mira are basically identical twins. I mean the red hair they both worked for the top smuggler boss of their time. Mira was a mandalorian and Mara was an imperial.
  6. Man why dont you stop smokin yoda and think about it. It would be nice.
  7. I agree with the topic starter. Make a game that takes place in the Mandalorian Wars but have real time combat incorporated not just a straight up RPG. Give it an academy feel to it. That would respond better. Except with choosable dialog and custom character and skill.
  8. I think everyone will admit that Star Wars does have the cheesiest lines and acting. I mean the only reason so many people are into is because of the storyline and the lightsaber battles.
  9. Are you guys retarded I mean if you control the government you control your country you could become the emperor and also get the government to fund a program to create the first lightsaber and its technology
  10. Lord Satasn you agree with me on many subjects but im afraid you are wrong here my "apprentice". Yes with every dark comment you say you fall more under my control. There is no need in fighting it for i am the true dark lord of the sith.
  11. I think a grey jedi is like a man without a country he has no one to back him up
  12. if they spend more than a year making kotor 3 then it will be a great game i say give it 2 to 3 years
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