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  1. find it on google? What planet or where is it based upon?
  2. on the prima strategy guide DVD u need a code to acsess this section under Jedi Mind Tricks, does anyone know the Code?
  3. Does anyone know whta the code is 2 get into the rescricted section of the DVD?
  4. yeah ill just buy the pc version then hopefully its's not that much different
  5. what do u mean i still dont understand how to get this modded xbox with kotor 2 all fixed?
  6. You have to modify your Xbox hardware. Add a chip to it. "Chip" it. (I convey no warranty that this is a legal thing to do in any countries, but I have reason to believe it is quite a common practice. Just ask the guy you bought the XBox from. Or any school friends.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that seems so complicated though
  7. what do u mean when u say modded xbox's needed?
  8. aurora i was just curious but is there any possibible way your fixing files could b transford 2 the xbox? cause if not ill probably get da pc version 2 do these cool sidequests and junk u made. also were u thinking of finishing up the batu rem sidequest?
  9. i know people r pretty sick of all these kotor 3 threds but just out o f curiosity what quests should be in teh next game. i would really like smuggling and more quests to do with swoop racing like the signing nico one in kotor 1. spice deals and other trading stuff would b cool also.
  10. i really hope if and when kotor 3 comes out and is done the series will reamain. i really hope that after 3 and nother one will keep coming out like the final fantasy series. just keep continuing reven and the exiles story's. waht do u think
  11. what else or sidequests do u think should b in it
  12. that is pretty sweet then dside still gets troops sent to TELOS
  13. so at da ending of da game vaklu sends troops help at telos???
  14. wow i thought it would b more dramatic the kotor 1 ending was so sweet
  15. i beat da game a while ago on light side and played it over like 3 times as light but what happens in da dark side ending. i like the game i'm on now and i do not wanna start another so i was just curious what da main differnce is in the two ending???
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