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  1. I dont really care who develops the game as long as the storyline is consistent with all that has been established so far and that you dont "replay" anyone. Also, drop the whole echo thing and go with a jedi connected to the force with all bits and pieces like it should be. A revan apprentice seems to me like the best idea. You would either be a jedi padawan or a sith apprentice, your master whose true name you dont know dissapears and you are thrown into a war without knowing what you would be fighting for,or your master's past,and then slowly discover it thru the story in a quest to either save the republic or destroy it completely andf to find ur master. The game could start at the outer sector where Revan is rumoured to be now and then move on to the core planets. You could meet jedi from both previous games as party npcs or just cameos, and they would slowly tell you what is really going on. As for party npcs i still would like to see a male cathar jedi,or you could be given the option to be cathar...that would rule. Jolee should be in it either as playable or as someone you get to talk with. Or you could be revan's son with bastila,that would be cool too,although would resemble the movies too much...Also,the whole thing about the galaxy being crippled has been used. Have the galaxy being in a good state and this whole thing being a yet unknown powerful threat like it was hinted. I agree with the idea of letting the player choose revan's face. that could easily be done thru in game dialogue, like, you hack into a computer to try and find out where your master could be and are presented with a set of faces of possible matches to ur query and then you click at the one that suits you. I really hope the game will use a new engine,one that does not rely on the stupid D&D standards of character building. I still cant digest the idea of strenght being involved in lightsaber combat at all, or having a feature called "weapon finesse lightsaber" when lightsabers are pure finesse. Either that or yoda lifts weights at the gym everyday. removable hoods/capes should be as on-the-fly as putting ur lightsaber away,which you shouldnt have to carry on ur hand on the first place,it should be on ur belt and you should just do like yoda and have it telepathically come to ur hand when u're about to fight. Also, pls dont have the whole "ill gain influence with you and then suddenly you shall become a jedi when i snap my fingers". Thats just cheap. A new ship instead of the ebon hawk would be good, even if for part of the game. As for the party,either a smaller one,or have you actually use everyone in the party. And maybe with the new consoles we can have more than 3 characters on the party at any given time. 4 would rock,although i rather have a smaller party and be able to really develop each one than have a huge one that are really useless.
  2. Dude this sucks, I sincerely hope its a rumour... "expect to be the exile and to fight revan at the end",thats just gay! I dont care any for the exile,he is a sissy disconnected from the force,who "uses the force thru others". Well i dont care how you explain it, either give me a real jedi or no one at all. Revan shudnt "be fought at the end"! He's the one that started it all! reval is power, revan is what it meant to me in 2003 to be a jedi, strong in the force, i dont want to fight him! I want to either be him or be his student. The exile at most should have a cameo appearance, I want Juhani,Jolee,Bastila, and some other real jedis,not the kind that you gain influence with and suddenly they "turn" to jedis. I dont give a crap about "full facial masks" either. I want a decent game engine, I want lightsaber combat to be consistent with the movies and away from using "strenght", I want a bug free game without plot holes that visits coruscant,hoth and other cool planets of the starwars universe. If what has been said about k3 turns out to b true, Im boycotting it.
  3. I signed it and asked ppl in the other game forums i go to and in my blog to sign as well
  4. It would be stupid for LA not to make a third one, because: 1) The movies are divided in 2 sets of trilogies,and most of the games have followed the same path. E.g. Jedi outcast 1, 2 and 3 2) SWKotOR I and II have been extremely succesful, even considering the huge ammount of criticism TSL received. 3) I am pretty sure the XBOX people are pressuring LA to get the third game on Xbox360, why wouldnt they, it sold tons of copies and xbox's weak point is a limited number of rpgs 4) Obviously the ending of Kotor2 has left a lot of room for a sequel, in fact the ending is so open anything could easily fit as a sequel. 5) Fans want it,fans would buy it regardless of whatever is being said in these forums. Episode I and II probably received even more criticism but that did not stop LA. 6) To them its a very sure shot way of milking the starwars cash cow without having any ties to the actual movie plots and hence being able to use a lot of creativity. I think a lot of things can be changed for a possible KotOR 3, but the biggest, IMO, would be: 1) beta testing 2) more replay value, with the game not necessarily having to end once u kill the final boss...how about starting a jedi academy? 3) hoods! and the option to have the cape or not on the robes...customizable body would be cool as well....hilts! maybe a pet....choice of ships...coruscant,hoth,uncharted territory, NO korriban, NO dantooine, NO tatooine... 4) More ways to make use of the huge party of whom most of the time you just select two,and the rest only see action when you want to gain influence 5) More fate changing events during the game...more important people dying...choice of party.. 6)new engine, i beg you! 7) actually balancing the use of 1 lightsaber against 2 or staff....more combat animations,some specific and exclusive to the jedi... 8)lightsaber combat-dex,dex,dex. No str involved in a weightless weapon that only needs to touch to cut in half. Maybe the new engine would fix the whole "hi, im arnold schwarzenegger,the jedi. yoda is 3 meter tall and doesnt have a single muscle on his arm,yet in this game i must be strong to wield a lightsaber". And no, weapon finesse wont cut it, its the principle. lightsaber by definition alone is pure finesse. 9)If new force powers,make them useful, and more worthwhile of getting... 10) as its fashionable,and we want it,make everything as customizable as possible,down to whether u want ur char to have facil hair or makeup or not.
  5. Revan is,as Kreia puts it, power. Cutting him off from the force would be ridiculous, no one would accept that idea. The guy has been nearly killed, memory wiped, and even so his force powers only grew stronger. No, Kotor III should either have your pc be someone new if the developers dont want to bring revan back to lvl 1, which wouldnt be soo impossible, considering he's in uncharted territory, and hence the force could work in different ways where you are. This someone new would have to be someone inherently tied to Revan somehow though...maybe his son with bastila/ her son with carth? or maybe Juhani's son...now that would rock...a cathar main char...
  6. Start one! Ill sign it and get every1 i know to sign it as well
  7. Darth abomination you get my support on the idea and the actors...It would be so cool to see a movie about kotor...man i think it would rock even more than the original movies, because u'd see massive lightsaber battles, with lots of jedi and sith on the battlefield...the starforge,the rakatan planet,man it would rule.
  8. HI All, I'd really really like to be able to use malak's clothes as a Jedi (not as a sith lord, and yes the clothes are in the game) as a robe, and i even found the .tga file inside the game and edited my appearance.2da, but i cant seem to find a way to config an .uti for it...Is there something Im missing? can anyone help me? btw the texture inside the game is called n_jedimalek I'd appreciate any help Thanks
  9. Woah dude if you ever create a game, starwars or otherwise, im buying it! (w00t) But i agree with the staff and the 2 sabers being just silly, i rather use one like in the movies, and the idea that 2>1 doesnt really apply when it comes to lightsabers.
  10. ...Should come Knights of the Old Republic-The movie!!! Imagine that... I think Revan would be a far more interesting movie character than Anakin or Luke ever were. They should make a trilogy of movies out of the Kotor series. Maybe toby maguire could play revan, and katie holmes as bastila, and some bald evil lookin dude to b malak! kotor movie =
  11. I should simply say "I agree", but the feeling of reading your post is more of a "omg this guy managed to put to words all the stuff i felt was bad storywise"! Props to u.
  12. Quoting Army of darkness: "Good....bad... im the guy with the gun." -Ash
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