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  1. Particularly as regards Nihilous, I agree with most of what you say but you should realize that he is a typical 'male archetype' of evil for it's own sake. While Granny, god bless her black little heart, acts as a more female understandable 'Goddess Encounter' in which evil is used as a vector for /change/ and thus is an impetus towards growth metamorphosis and rebirth. All things which the 'other half' of genderization talks to at a more personal level than it does the male. This being one of the BIG problems inherent to 'gender neutralization' of heroic character arcs in that some of w
  2. "When it's time to shoot, shoot, don't talk..." (Tukko, 'from the hip, in the bathtub' in _The Good, The Bad And The Ugly_) Actually what made Vader cool was not the fact that he spouted one liners but that he did so in situations which were entirely under his control and thus, there being no 'active threat condition' at all, he could afford to be arrogant (if not sloppy). The Rebel is already dead when he asks the question about the ambassador the inquiry was 'rhetorical' even if it wasn't pointless (diplomatic privelege has been the cover for espionage for /millenia/, even on our
  3. Alan C, Thanks for the suggestion and critique, I hadn't considered Dragon's Age because I don't own the game and so can't register to their forums (or at least I can't if it's like KOTOR), I'm going to take a look at the RPG Codex in a moment. In terms of the 'boring mimicry', I'm flexible! That's why I post to be honest. Sounding-board away with some alternatives if you will. As a point of reference to what I'm visualizing, think of 'Jedi Training' as something of a cross between the scene in _Conan The Barbarian_ in which the little Oriental dude with the horsetail braid
  4. Funny how people claim that they would have waited for a completed game, but they aren't willing to wait for a completed patch. This isn't directed at you specifically, just a general observation of the people here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> IMO, The problem with Obsidian and 'The Patch' (like unto Monty Python saying 'The Grail') is that they don't involve people on a level of what's up and what's 'still yet to be done'. Pedantic Mode On: Ahhhehhheehhem! Is this thing on? 'Thesis Presentation On How To Do A Patch Right'. 1. Generate A Complaint LIST.
  5. Darth Frog, >> I think VotF (a.k.a. Saberist) has made some good points about how a nice game ought to be if you look at it as a combat/martial arts simulation. However, d20 is no such beast and much less our favourite hack&slash lite which is based on a thoroughly watered-down version of d20. And given the math as it is and the game as it is the 'epic' versions of weapon specialization and the dual-wielding feats are utterly superfluous feat sinks. >> Hey, thanks for the kudos! ) From my perspective, 'knowing a little about D20', 90+% of what you wrote below is
  6. Well, /You/ noticed. So I believe 'thanks' are in order...;-) Saberist.
  7. Think About This- 1 blade. TWO HANDS. _No Weight_ in the blade itself. Thus any 'power' of the strike comes from either Force Telekinetics (amplifying the kinetic motion of the blade itself) or force-as-Muscles literally treating the weapon like a baseball bat or a sledgehammer. Something you can only do if the blade is unshiverable and at the same time, 'all edge'. If both hands are on the haft, you get twice as much power. One hand on two hafts, half as much. HOWEVER; you also get half as much reach. You /can/ 'dual lock' blades by crossing them and in some ways this doe
  8. Shdy, >> Moral relativism is an observable fact. Different cultures have different values. You can assert that your values are better than other values. In fact, you should do that - if you don't assert your values, why do you have them? You may even prevail in the political struggle to have your values enforced, instead of other values. But that just proves that you've won. It doesn't show that your values are objectively better. As for the Jedi, I'd argue that setting yourselves above the law is inherently DS, even if you're doing it to promote the LS. >> Jedi are
  9. Lord Cecil, >> I made a few suggestions the other night and realized how much more there was to add to that list. So I made a new character to try and solo KOTOR, got two star maps before I decided I didn't like some choices, but in that time I compiled a pretty nice list. I've got them semi-organized, but its kind of hard to rank this kind of thing. Just know that this is not made for discussion or for anyone to disagree with me. This is more of a list for the devs to look over as a to-do list. The more they can implement the better the game will be. Its a little late in developmen
  10. Alan C, >> The engine and combat mechanics: The KotOR games are not swordfighting games, nor were they meant to be. In an RPG, the character knows about swordplay, but the player does not. If you want tactical swordsmanship, look to the JK series. And adding long-range combat would have been just silly. Even if Obsidian wanted to just throw out the Odyssey engine and start from scratch with something like the Unreal engine, that just wouldn't look like Star Wars. Which is, you know, the point. >> This is where you are wrong. Jedi Knight was a fun FPS which broke down as
  11. JediHuh, >> what fun would the game be if you couldn't walk through an army of sith by yourself laying waste to them with your saber, and I got my light saber on my first planet after telos so I had it for the majority of the game. >> I didn't. And given that, IMO, the Saber IS what makes the Jedi who s/he is as a status symbol 'class weapon', making me fight for half the game with conventional swords that look like cavalry sabers on steroids lessens 'the moment' when I first start acting like a Jedi again. I also found it bitterly ironic that I couldn't get one for
  12. My problems with this are as follows: 1. KOTOR 1 Already Blew It. In terms of having a Dungeon Crawl 'party' epic in a time of Total War. It gets to be difficult to have a reason for Revan to be off futzing about on his own, doing 'little jobs' of good or evil. When what is REALLY NEEDED is his focussed command of /thousands/ of troops and ships. Star Wars Galaxy already having been done... 2. KOTOR 2 Screwed Up Things Even Worse. By effectively rewriting Revan for the convenience of making Exile just like him. Instead of /highlighting Revan/ through memories of how the Exile s
  13. The key to differentiating 'respect' from snobbery is that -at some point- (in Western cultures) you would be given permission to use the working title if not the name of the person as a functional courtesy followed by a deeper bond of friendship or 'mutualism' in respect. Assuming you stay medieval in your name associations there are still a LOT of alternatives to the 'squire and knight' concept. As I recall, the Norman and Saxon systems went something like: Norman Anglo Saxon Contemporary Sergens Dunno Sergeant or literally 'servant'. A man at arms. Vas
  14. Fortran Dragon, >> One thing I would like to point out is that your way of setting the Y-Axis is a tiny minority. Forward == up and back == down is the default way the mouse works on the computer. Leaving it that way works *for* the vast majority of gamers since flight-sim gamers are a minority even in the hardcore gamer groups. >> Actually it's more about vectors to any trained pilot or 'motive/kinetic thinker'. (warriors and phaselines of all kinds) Where an arrow is pointed that is a push ALONG direction of travel, creating closure. Where the base of the arrow i
  15. Kaleb Bombassan, >> Regarding Kreia, I really think you've missed the point. The important thing to remember about her is that she loved Revan more than anyone. And if she thought Revan's plan was to save the Republic by going to war then going away (cf wikipedia articles) then Sion and Nihilus (not the true Sith, according to her, just vandals, like Malak), then she would have them killed. She was never afraid of them as such. >> You cannot truly love a man and not believe in what he does as a function of his own beliefs. _IT'S_ _JUST_ _NOT_ _POSSIBLE_. And gi
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