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  1. In kotor we got some background into the mandalore wars. The republic was getting its ass kicked untill Revan showed up, turned the tide, fought the mandalorians to a standstill and then started pushing back. the republic emerged victorious in the war. Yet in TSL it seems the opposite happened. at the last battle the repubic fleet at malachor was outgunned and nearly defeated and they activated the mass shadow generator as a last resort because they knew they would lose. almost the entire mandalorian fleet and a good deal of the republic fleet was crushed at malachor, hardly a great victory, more an arrogant "if we won't win we'll use the planet to destroy the both of us" attitude from the exile. so in TSL it seems that even with revan and the jedi, the republic forces weren't able to win in a real sense. waiting untill your forces are reduced to a few ships and then effectivly blowing up the planet when the enemy has really won the fight doesnt seem honorable or fair. even the game says 'the atrocity at malachor was worse than anything the mandalorians commited during the war'. So much for the jedi being good, they commit mass muder of everyone just out of spite. They had lost the battle but blew the crap out of everyone anyway. so did obsidian rewrite the war to make a better story? If like KOTOR suggested the war was won fairly easy then there would have been no need to blow up malachor. and where was revan when that battle happened? bao-dur said he was delayed by mandalorian scouts, but the leader of the republics fleet should have been present at the last battle. another inconsistany, as in KOTOR it was made out like revan led the republic to victory, but TSl says he wasnt even there at the pivital last battle.
  2. Animals are way smarter than you think, and they take the piss out of you. I noticed a wasp flying around the windows. So I pulled thge blinds down to trap it. and to make sure the wasp knew this i said "you wont be getting put of that will you?" The thing then crawled under the blind and flew right in my face, as if to say "i proved you wrong didnt I?". Then the bloody thing turned around and flew back under the blind! That was freaky. like it understood what I was saying and was taking the piss out of me!
  3. Or worse when your with a group of your friends and they all start chatting to this guy you meet, and they all know each other but you have no idea who the guy is. But you feel like you should know him.
  4. Amazed statement: I did not expect this thread to contain any real discussion. Proud statement: But I am pleased that it has some meaning to it. We may as well discuss cartoons. Statement: I agree that the Simpsons has lost its way. The new series aren't as funny as the earlier ones. Futurama was great as well. Query: Do people prefer tradition or Japanese style animation? I prefer the look of the Simpsons rather than the Manga films.
  5. Condesending statement: But this thread has nothing to do with KOTOR so it may as well go here. After thought: And anyway at least here it has less chance of being locked.
  6. when you have a conversation and wonder "where's my '[Widom]' option?"
  7. you threaten people by saying "I have unarmed specialist 3, and a strength bonus of +2"
  8. Explanation: Lets see how far people can go talking like HK. You must give the context of the sentence you are saying. Example: This is an example. Contemplative statement: I wonder how long this can go on for. Statement: This is a lighthearted thread.
  9. When trying to get people to give you money you say "but I have a persuade skill of 8!"
  10. you keep a record of all your light/dark points gained. help an old lady cross the road. *lightside points gained* dont do your homework *darkside points gained* etc etc
  11. "Apology accepted captian......damn why am I only funny when no ones around to hear it?" "Are you dead yet? Answer!" "I thought you'd last longer than that" "This weapon is your life? THIS weapon is your death"
  12. Thats not bad. "For a jedi weapons master you have yet to master a weaon"
  13. Yeah that would have needed some red-faction style gemodding as well. blow a huge hole in the floor....... and it was stupid how all those 'tough gangsters' would cower in fear from one tiny grenade.
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