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  1. There's something quite unsettling about seeing Darth Vader sell M&M's on t.v. Who could have predicted that the greatest villain in cinema would be used in such a manner? What's next? Will they use Bruce Lee to sell tampons?! -MK
  2. Not everybody in the EU can be a smuggler, Bounty Hunter or Jedi. What do you suppose SW rednecks looks like? Maybe they live in a grounded freighter park with a few broken down speeders on their lawn. Once in a while they might have a little too much juma juice with their buddies and lynch a trandoshan or two. Do you think they mingle with different species or does like stick with like?
  3. When padawans speak to their mentors the term "master" is always used. Is this simply a term of respect or is it an observation of rank? In other words, is your garden variety Jedi Knight capable of having a padawan or must they actually be Jedi Masters?
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