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  1. Funny how people claim that they would have waited for a completed game, but they aren't willing to wait for a completed patch. This isn't directed at you specifically, just a general observation of the people here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We need to draw a distinction here between the decision to abort some subplots because of time constraints in the game and actual technical issues. The difference being that the technical issues are actual unintended bugs which require a patch, thats not what I was referring to. I was referring to storyline decsions, a patch would not help that. My original point was to discuss the decisions and reasoning of the publishers and developers and what they must think about our buying habits.
  2. I know having production go beyond schedule and possibly overbudget is something the publishers would definitely want to avoid but you pay the price one way or another. Maybe you save a bit more money by rushing the product out the door but is it worth it to potentially alienate your customers? I guess I'm just looking at it from my personal point of view, as someone who works in a technical field I take a lot of pride in my work. My worst fear is to send something out the door that I was responsible for and it doesn't work and it has my name on it.
  3. I recently finished the game and for the most part I enjoyed it, but I have never played a game that clearly had so many loose ends when the story ended. It became very clear to me that the developers had a lot of good ideas for the overall story and subplots but unfortunately could not finish. I don't mean the entire subplot was cut from the game but rather those parts of the story would start but lacked resolution. I don't want to go into any spoilers here but I think most of you that finished the game had at least a few "Huh?" moments (I myself had about a half dozen). I'm a little confused, why would LA release a game they had to know wasn't ready? Money, right? The problem I have with that is that the first KotOR sold very well and made almost everybody's game of the year which means LA knew they already had a loyal fan base ready and willing to buy the game, a few months delay would not have hurt that (It wouldn't have bothered me anyway). Am I missing something?
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