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  1. I think some peoples opinions about SC:C are alittle biased. I enjoyed the 360 demo, and I find that the gameplay of SC:C suits my style more than the gameplay promised by Alpha Protocol. Once you add the surprisingly cheap price of 47 dollars on Amazon.....lets just say that I've made up my mind. Might have gone a different way if AP wasn't delayed like it was. Then again, SC:C does have some spectacular krav maga animations that totally blow away the martial arts in AP. However, if I find myself capable of affording AP when it costs alittle less than the standard 60 then I'd be more
  2. Nice to hear that the game is still on track to be released sometime soon. Hopefully, the new PR firm will do a kick ass job of promoting the game.
  3. Why? LOL, cause there is hardly anything else to discuss on this forum...
  4. There are tons of stealth options so u'll definitely get to sneak around and take out baddies without being noticed. And if ur totally not a friend of the silencer then I believe you'll be happy to hear that equipping sub-sonic rounds is an option. As far as being forced to "go load" for the rest of the mission once ur cover is blown. I can't give u a definite answer but I'd guess that if ur stealth skills are maxed u'll be able to sneak off the enemies radar.
  5. I think u can have one of each weapon type on you during missions (Mass Effect Style). At the very least I'm sure you can have a pistol, smgs, then either a shotgun or a rifle. But in all honesty I'm almost certain u can have one of each gun type during a mission. Actually now that I think about it may depend on ur armor/clothing. Certain gear may have a certain number of slots for weapons.... Now Im confused.
  6. Loved the interview, can't wait to max out my stealth and CQC skills.
  7. Whether the speculation on a AP2 is true or not, I think this is a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas. Assuming not much has changed and disarms are still out of the CQC for AP1, I totally think they should be added to AP2. Its gotten to the point that disarms and using the environment to bash peoples heads in is pretty common in spy games. So I fully back any and all ideas that wish to implement these features. I also think that making takedowns capable from being used regardless of where your position is in relation to the badguy u want to take down (Behind - Stealth Takedown
  8. I'm hoping for a March (St. Patty's Day) release so Sega can steal customers from Ubisoft. Also, drinking Irish Car Bombs while playing Alpha Protocol sounds like lots o fun.
  9. Yep, SC:C has been delayed leaving the grand total of delays up to this point to a whopping 3 1/2 years. The inspirational neglect of Ubisoft has just given Sega a beautiful window of opportunity to take full advantage of the many disappointed customers. I can almost guarantee that a March release would at least steal 1 customer from Ubisoft...me. So buckle down and get this shiz out in time for St. Pattys! Also, if u happened to add a disarm move into the CQC since my last appearance on this forum I'd be completely stoked.
  10. Woohoo!! Delaying the game may actually mean that I can afford it when it comes out. Plus, 4 to 6 months of development and testing may mean that they will add disarms into the mix for CQC. Awesome. Only potential issue is that Splinter Cell Conviction may be released before AP.
  11. I feel bad. I just saw a video of Splinter Cell Conviction and I was drooling on my keyboard. My biggest issues with AP was the lack of disarms...after watching the SC:C video Im now seriously thinking about buying that game instead and maybe just renting AP. SC:C just has a much better CQC system....u can disarm baddies.... Seems best if AP releases on schedule cause come 2010, SC:C may very well blow it away.
  12. I'm gonna go with: "Obsidian its your choice whether to delay it or not. You are the professionals and we are the fans. Listening to us for advice on when to release the game is completely optional."
  13. I'm pretty sure they did, and they do. As for when Bond first came along, it might be the case that prevailing theories on patriarchy and socialization were not formulated or widely believed when Bond came to prominence in the 60's. There were more basic battles to fight at the time. There still are, of course, but media is now identified as part of the problem. Still, after reading the article and a few other related articles it seemed that gaming was their target and I have yet to see them mention anything about the spy genre as a whole. Nor have the articles I read said anything in re
  14. After reading the article from the OP's link, I have to say that I would love to download the cut lines later on as DLC. I'd imagine that after I beat the game the first time it would be quite comical to hear these extra lines during my second playthrough. It could be like a "gag reel" dlc. The scene where MT is crying sounds hilarious.
  15. I personally don't see what's wrong with having sex scenes in Alpha Protocol. Sex has been a staple of spy movies since James Bond, and its exactly the kind of experience people would expect from a Spy RPG. Honestly, I don't think Sega/Obsidian could promise an experience similar to a Bond movie without having sex in the game. Seriously, every single Bond movie I have seen has had sex in it, and I don't see how people could expect anything different. If you don't like it then you don't have to buy. As for me, I didn't beat Mass Effect twice so I could see a few sex scenes and I'm not g
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