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  1. Still looking forward to playing the game..but now I'm wondering if I should wait for the first patch (that hopefully comes). Stuff like lack of decent pc controls for the mini-games would be fairly easy to fix I would imagine. AI not so much, but maybe the small stuff...
  2. That definitely does. I apologize: I suppose I shouldn' t have critiqued before playing AP myself. Guess I wrongly assumed the worse
  3. Well, not a huge huge deal, its just not what I would have hoped. Regenerating armor means that there is less consequence for breaking your cover -- you can get into a firefight with three guys say, kill them, take a bit of damage, and this damage has no consequence for the rest of the level because in a few seconds it is magically repaired. This is an easy, imaginative, and less enjoyable game mechanic that one that is more complex and more RPG than action-game based. Say, for example, your armor has a rating against penetration damage and resistance, so your armor can make you avoid hi
  4. Lame to hear about the bugs. They had so much extra time...I hope that they had at least just one person working on the game during that period to fix up the bugs. Argh. Still looking forward to playing AP but some of what I'm reading in the reviews is a bit distressing. And I can't fathom the reason for having regenerating armor. Just doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Whew that Bit-Tech review was pretty damning.
  6. Oh damn. I can maybe play the game tonight...! Whoa . I may be off the forums for a while...
  7. I thought delaying the game was a pretty questionable move -- I thought it would be good for AP to come out before Conviction and Mass Effect 2 if it was already done. But I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised by how much advertising Sega has been doing for the game. I think they have a done a really good job over the last two months. It seems like 3-4 months ago hardly anyone knew about AP, but now, with all of the videos they released and even some full-skinned AP gaming websites I saw, I think the game is probably in a lot better potential shape now, when it comes to sales. What
  8. Ya as I said in another thread, the game looks a bit short to me also. Not criminally short or anything, but short. I say this mainly because of the limited number of primary levels there seems to be ( every video shows either the middle eastern level, the yacht, or the train yard(. But ya , if there is that much versatility and extra difference in your 'choices' beyond just different canned responses like most other games, then that's totally fine with me. Better to have a 8 hour game with lots of possible variabilty than it is to have a 60 hr game like a final fantasy where the game is s
  9. Well man, you haven't played the game yet. Maybe AP IS more an action game than a RP game. It seems like that is a strong possibility to me: in my definition of role playing game, Alpha Protocol seems more a third-person shooter with role-playing elements than it does a role playing game with third-person shooting elements. Not that I'm not really, really looking forward to it though. I'd just not judge the review before having a chance to play the game for yourself.
  10. I live in Canada and have not seen a game for $80. Just get the digital download version....and ya I'll pass on RDR. That last Rockstar Western game with their GTA engine has satisfied my Western needs.
  11. Hmmm anyone else worried that AP might be short / small? It seems like there is only a few missions. I'm probably wrong and I'm hoping so, but I just get the sense that there isn't much length in the game as we've seen so much of the same levels over and over.
  12. Good/bad karma, you pushed the button/Lyons pushed the button. Maybe there was a "you walked away" ending too.That's it, no settlement slideshows. If I may quote something from a few pages back: Yes, like virtually every other facet of Fallout 3, Fallout 1+2 had much better endings, with different outcomes for each major location you visited depending on what you did, not really so much your artificial GOOD/BAD karma score. Fallout 1+ 2 were such better RPGs than Fallout 3, I wish more people realized their truly exceptional brilliance.
  13. Hrmm I don't know , I don't mind it myself . I like how M.T is sort of droll and smug. Think that works well, myself. I have done bunch of different kinds of writing and a bit of voice direction myself, and I haven't heard of anything that really bothers me so far (though I admit I've been avoiding the entire last month's worth of videos for fear of spoilers..) As for the writing, Avellone is a top talent, and didn't Brian Mitsoda do at least of the character and dialogue creation? Of a fairly long lifetime of playing games, Vampire M. Bloodlines had what I think of as the best game dia
  14. Three cheers for the Obsidian team -- breaking down as follows: one cheer for going gold; one cheer for a RPG without swords and elves; one cheer for hardly any bugs because of the delay
  15. Ya I'm a bit bummed out that AP is just about the top of my list of games to get over the next 6 months, yet it seems many people who don't follow the game aren't impressed by it. I really just think that many gamers just don't realize how favorably a game with a lot of depth and choice (like i think AP will be ) compares to say a typical gears of war clone shooter, or some other straight forward game with great graphics but uninspired gameplay that you can zip through in 4 or 5 hours and never think about again. Lot of comments on gaming sites for AP seem to be somewhat tepid...meanwhil
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