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  1. my idea was gonna be... - silenced pistol - dual smgs - shotgun well, how many guns can u have on u in a mission?
  2. thanks, and i was just wondering about the pistols cus i was picking out the weapons im gonna use when the game comes out i wanted to ask cus i was trying to decide if i should have dual-wielding smgs or dual-wielding pistols.
  3. Maybe this has been asked already, but... Are the levels like open-world (like hitman), or do they kinda of have like 3 ways u can only go?
  4. i have two questions... 1. this is probably a question that every1 knows it would be the answer "yes", but i just want to make sure... I know u can dual wield smgs, but can u dual wield pistols? 2. when u are customizing your guns, lets say you want a scope on your assualt rifle, how many scopes can you choose from? -thanks-
  5. can we replay levels in this game. just a quick question
  6. yah i know, im saying skills we wanna see in the game.
  7. I think slowing down time for any skills would be awesome in this game.
  8. I wanna discus what kind of skills you can get in this game. ex: Like one of the skills they said you can have is the one where you lock on to three different people and you shoot all of them really quickly. So what other skills do you want to see in the game.
  9. ahhhhh! so many release dates. I just want it to be on oct. 9, but its not going to happen.
  10. uhhhhhh, i thought it was oct 9, but ill still get the game.
  11. When is the official release date of this game, and i already searched.
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