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  1. As I mentioned before, Darth Nihilus... No other force user in print could wipe out an entire planet's population by simply willing to be done.
  2. I am guessing May 15 to conincide with the movie release.
  3. Darth Nihilus No other Jedi or Sith mentioned could destroy the entire population of a planet simply by willing it to do so. Next question.
  4. Check Thread here. In essence one of the board members posts a Admin's post and replies to it. But if the date of the admin post is to be believed it was posted today. AND So we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more.
  5. LOL hive if ya had actually read my post you would have realized that is exactly what I was saying In my experience "only a show stopper" would hold up a patch and then only if it's likely a user would come across it. I have seen many games go out the door with terrible crashes in them but weren't fixed because players were very unlikely to run across them. A tester finds these things because we have the ability and get paid to do very odd stuff and purposely try to break the game. This is usually done by doing something immediately as something else is happening and the two events or functions cause a conflict in the code that causes abrrant behavior in the game. This is usually refered to a a "Race Condition". For example trying to zone in to another part of the game normally but trying to open some area like the Character sheet or inventory percisely as the character steps over the "zone line" A player is very unlikely to perform both tasks percisely at the same moments so something like this could be overlooked. Anyways like I said originally bugs in the patch more than likely held it up.
  6. This was a double post sorry about that their SQL server was making me think my post didn't acutally make it through.
  7. Given the length of time this patch has taken to get out to the public coupled with the Feb 14 announcement that it was "coming soon". I simply suspect that the QA department found, what is commonly refered to in the QA world as a "show stopper", was a very ugly crash or config bug that tanked the game. Hence they rejected the patch and wait for another submission by the Dev team. Or a number of the high priority bugs were not fixed as they thought they were ending up with the same thing, rejecting the patch and the Devs going back to work. Hell who knows it could be that they are having a hard tiime fixing the swoop race "you have to finish the race" bug. Sometimes you just cant tell about these things. Dont get me wrong I am all for the towns folk to marching up to the castle with pitch forks and flaming torches routine in this instance. As a veteran of the software QA process I know how these things go but understanding doesn't mean as a consumer that I am going to be reasonable
  8. Well I think modding is a good idea, KoTor basically you get to play it twice. Modding allows use of the engine and folks that mod do so on their own time. Personally I can't see the problem If someone whats to build a whole new story and game off of the engine I am all for it. As long as the folks that own the engine don't mind.
  9. I am not sure what Obsidian's policy is on Modding however this effort for KoTor 2 is simply amazing. Read and enjoy things to come. Thread Here
  10. For those that think the CTDs (Crash To Desktop) are because of ATI drivers only, I am afraid I will have to disagree. I run a Gforce 5700 and on my first play through had 4 CTDs, I also have 3 sound/video loop lockups. (where sound and video play continously and the user has no control over the game.) I have the latest drivers for my Gforce card, which is brand new, and still experienced many many graphical problems as well as sound and game play anomilies (sp). As a software tester in the games industry. This one is simply a unpolished turd that went out the door because of marketing and the publisher. In my 7 years of experience and 20+ titles, rarely does a dev team want to push a product out the door that is this bad. Though I have met one or two developers who were contrary to this observation. Anyways the patch will be the telling note.
  11. Basically after blowing appart the HK assassin droid I was looking for a way to get into the fuel lines to retrieve my T3 droid. So with both Keida and the other guy in tow I walked up to the Admin computer and clicked on it. Bam! crash olla, just figured I would make folks aware that its there.
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